The Secret Life of Walter Mitty with mumma’s cake

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Starring Ben Stiller, Kristen Wiig & Shirley MacLaine

Rating 8/10


Daydreaming negative assets manager for Life Magazine, Walter (Stiller) dreams of getting the girl of his dreams (Cheryl [Wiig]) who works in the same building as him. When he ‘loses’ the most important photo negative ever, he decides to searches the world for the elusive photographer who took the pic, forever dreaming of getting his girl!

Meanwhile, the magazine has been sold to a dastardly new owner who is intent on getting rid of our Walter. Twists and turns, brilliant shots of incredible landscapes and so many more quirky scenes, it’s a winner, I say!


Like one of his early movies, Reality Bites, Ben Stiller directed and starred in this fabulous film. This is an interesting one. For me it seems like a mainstream movie trying to be an arty film, so it can be a tad confusing at times. There are awesome shots of mountains, skateboarding in Iceland as well as helicopter, shark and amazing landscapes that will take your breath away.

In essence, it’s about a man embracing life to the full, finally, and chasing the girl, the woman who he is secretly in love with. He’s a daydreamer, a timid soul but, when pushed, he shows extreme dedication and bravery. A great, heart-warming movie, everyone will enjoy!


This quirky movie is a family favourite in our house. Poor old Walter… living in a dream world. But it really is an uplifting film. And it features a rather tasty cake, so that’s what I’m pairing with this movie… Walter’s mum’s Clementine cake. Try this fab recipe: Nigella’s Clementine Cake (gluten free) from Shades of Cinnamon blog.

Note: Thanks to Ev from Shades of Cinnamon for permission to feature her beautiful image and link to her scrumptious recipe.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty trivia

  • Budget – $90 million
  • This movie was also adapted from the short story in 1947
  • All the beautiful overseas shots were filmed in Iceland.
  • Will Ferrell was almost cast as Walter Mitty. I love him!
  • The Icelandic people were so excited about the movie, one of them agreed to having their house painted black.
  • In the past, Ron Howard & Steven Spielberg planned on making this movie.
  • Owen Wilson was also considered to play Walter but dropped out.

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  1. I LOVED this movie so much! 9/10 for me. Maybe even 9.5/10. Loved the mise-en-scene of the movie and love the recipes you’ve chosen!

    1. Oh I know I was trying to give it a 9/10 but I think so many people had raved about it my expectations were sky-high. But I did enjoy it.

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