American Hustle movie matched with a delicious dinner

Image: Nosh On It

Image: Nosh On It

Starring Christian Bale, Amy Adams & Bradley Cooper

Rating 7/10

Plot in a flash:

– Irving (Bale) and girlfriend, Sydney (Adams) are con artists working and loving life. But Irving’s wife (the mother of his adopted son), that’s right, I said, wife, Rosalyn (Jennifer Lawrence) is unhappy with him and suspicious of what he really does behind her back.
– But FBI Agent, Richie DiMaso (Cooper) busts Irving and Syd and makes a deal with them to bring in four more crims and he’ll let them go. They agree and set up a sting operation with a fake sheikh, Irving’s pal, Mayor Carmine Polito (Jeremy Renner) and a whole lot of mobsters.
– Things get complicated when Sydney looks like she’s falling for the cocky DiMaso but things are not all as they seem (*wink*).


Irving and Carmine enjoy a raucous night out with the wives, enjoying a large platter of Chicken Paccata and so shall we. This recipe is from Nosh On It.

Image: Nosh On It

Image: Nosh On It

Review in a flash:

Naaaah. This is one of those movies, I know I’m supposed to gush over but, to me, it was only average to good. I know, I know, it was nominated for Oscars, Golden Globes and such and the performances were amazing but wasn’t it just another twisty whodunnit?

For me, it was just not up there with other Oscar-worthy movies. Although I love Jennifer Lawrence, Christian Bale and Bradley Cooper, this was no Silver Linings Playbook. But, having said all that, it was entertaining and I didn’t regret seeing it. It’s just that my expectations exceeded the actual movie. Maybe if there was no hype I would have loved it, who knows.

The soundtrack was pretty fun, the outfits super-fun and the fat suit on Bale pretty awesome but the movie was just a movie to me, nothing super-duper-special. Do you agree? Here’s the trailer so you can make up your own mind.


If you’ve seen this film, you may remember the ice story that DiMaso’s boss tries to tell him several times. Remember? Well, I was inspired to find an icy kinda dessert to finish off our American Hustle meal. And I found one… it’s this beautiful Rosé Sorbet from How Sweet It Is. It combines the alcoholic nature of those hustle-y characters with ice and beauty which ticks all the boxes, don’t you think?

American Hustle trivia:

  • Budget – $40 million
  • This movie is partly based on the real story of the FBI’s ABSCAM investigation with characters kinda representing the real people involved like Irving’s character and the Mayor (who was a good guy and a crook at the same time).
  • The Bale/Lawrence bedroom fight scene was mostly improvised as they didn’t really like the script version.
  • In fact, most of the movie was improvised, maybe that’s why it didn’t hit the spot for me.
  • Wow, Bale actually put on a load of weight for the movie (over 40 pounds or 18kg), herniating two discs as he was trying to look even bigger by slouching a lot. Poor fella.
  • Jeremy Renner’s very new baby girl makes a beautiful cameo in the film. She’s the baby whose hands he kisses on the streets of Camden and the mumma holding her is Renner’s girlfriend, mother of his child. See if you can spot them.
  • Filmed in Boston, the movie’s timetable was interrupted by the Boston Bombings so the main actors went and visited bombing victims while shooting was delayed. Noice!
  • Jennifer Lawrence loved snacking on corn chips so much she wrecked a few of her lovely dresses so the costume department made sure they had extra dress clones on hand just in case. Go Jen!

Do you think it’s too dangerous for actors to put on so much weight like Bale did?

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