Philomena movie matched with a hearty American breakfast

Starring Judi Dench & Steve Coogan

Rating 9/10

Plot in a flash:

– Philomena is an elderly Irish lady (Dench) looking for her son who was taken away from her when she and he were young at a convent in Ireland. Journalist, Martin Sixsmith (Coogan) agrees to write her story, helping her to locate her son in America.
– But there are twists in her story that shock them, testing both their characters and their ability to forgive.

Dish 1:

I love the breakfast scene in America. Philomena is so full of joy, contrasted with Martin’s snobbish cynicism. So I’ve decided to join good old Philomena and serve up a rip-roaring American brekkie to go with her movie. We’re starting with a fancier version of Philomena’s favourite, Ham and swiss cheese omelette. It’s Cheese and Ham Souffled Omelette from BBC Good Food.

Review in a flash:

Wow, what a powerful film. I love true stories and this one is so unbelievably moving, you’d think it was all made up. Dench and Coogan have a fabulous on-screen chemistry that drives this movie. There’s so much raw emotion, so much conflict and sadness. It’s beautifully made.

What I love about it most though is that you can’t see the twists coming. It keeps you engrossed until the very end. You’ll be inspired, saddened and moved by Philomena’s story and they way she deals with everything that’s thrown at her. Amazing lady!

Dish 2:

Now we can’t leave poor Martin out of this, so let’s combine our yummy American breakfast with our journo’s fave, coffee. Yep, we’re making Coffee Pancakes from A Cozy Kitchen.


Philomena trivia:

  • Budget – $12 million
  • Some Catholic people were offended by this film, calling it anti-Catholic but it happened, people!
  • It was nominated for four Academy Awards
  • In real life, Sister Hildegard had died years before Sixsmith had started his investigations
  • Some of the ‘home’ movies shown in the film were actual footage of the son of the real Philomena.
  • Near the beginning of the film, Sixsmith mistakens Jane Russell’s pic for Jayne Mansfield. Actor Peter Hermann who plays Pete Olsson is actually married to actress, Jayne Mansfield’s daughter.

Dish 3:

Ah, no American brekkie is complete without waffles. So throw out your diet and chow down on a plate of these yummies. They’re Waffles with Wild Blueberries from Cuisine Campagne.

What’s your fave special breakfast treat?

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