Muppets Most Wanted film paired with muppet-y snacks

Starring Ricky Gervais, Tina Fey and Kermit The Frog

Rating 8/10


– A frog and a pig walked into a bar… oops wrong movie. Ahem, let’s start again. We meet the muppet troupe as they’re finishing up their last movie and wondering what to do next.
– In walks Dominic Badguy (Gervais) with a super-duper great idea! They should do a world tour. Brilliant idea, right?
– Meanwhile super-bad-frog, Constantine (Frog) has escaped from a Siberian Gulag and whips a fake mole on Kermit’s (Frog) face so he looks just like Conny. Then Kermit, now Constantine is arrested and taken back to the Gulag while Conny takes Kermy’s place.
– Meanwhile, meanwhile Badguy and Constantine plan a series of robberies that will eventually lead them to the Crown Jewels in London.
– Their front is the Muppets who, apart from Animal (Animal), thinks that Kermit just has a Russian-sounding cold and thinks nothing of it.
– They travel to Germany, Spain, Ireland then onto London with rave reviews (paid for by Dominic).
– But there are two fancy policemen on the case Interpol Agent, Jean Pierre Napoleon (Ty Burrell) and CIA Agent Sam Eagle (Eagle) who start suspecting the Muppets are involved in the robberies.
– Over in the Gulag, Kermit is forced to direct a performance by Prison Warden Nadya (Fey) while he waits to be saved.
– Walter, Fozzie and Animal join forces to save Kermie after realising that Constantine isn’t the real deal. They eventually break him (and the other prisoners) out of the jail and head back to London where Constantine has planned to marry Miss Piggy (Piggy).
– This is where the rubber hits the road, the action gets packed and all the Muppets learn the truth.

Snack 1:

How cute are these! In honour of the BEST froggy EVER, our first snack are these sweet little Oreo Frogs from Made To Be A Momma.


I love a good Muppet movie, sometimes more than my kids. You’d think after so many years and so many movies, this band of weirdos would get ‘old’, well it hasn’t for me! The musical numbers in this movie were really fun, with clever, witty lyrics that the Muppets are famous for. I never knew Ricky Gervais could sing so well and Tina Fey did a fairly funny/ok job too. There are cool cameos from stars like: Lady Gaga, Celine Dion, Josh Groban and Salma Hayak.

The storyline is a tad different from other movies (you can’t help but compare to other Muppet films). There’s heaps of action, which is really smart because today’s kids really love things blowing up and people fighting each other and helicopters, muppet ladders and such. I must say though, if your child is a sensitive type, maybe avoid this film. My friend’s two kids had nightmares after watching this.

It was a great idea to take the Muppets overseas because the roadtrip thing has been done and done with these crazy critters so putting them in foreign lands was brilliant. I love that the Muppets are still the Muppets with their ‘dad’ jokes, their show tunes, their sense of innocence. They haven’t changed too much and I think that’s why adults and kids love it so much. It’s good, clean fun that everyone can enjoy!

Here’s the trailer…

Snack 2:

I’m so sorry Miss Piggy but I just HAD to include this recipe as a bit of a tongue-in-cheek reference to you, dearie. So, anyway for the rest of us, these Pizza Pigs in Blankets (from Food Network) will be delicious to eat while watching Miss Piggy strut her stuff.

Muppets Most Wanted trivia:

  • Budget – $50 million
  • This film was inspired by The Great Muppet Caper and The Muppets Take Manhattan as well as The Pink Panther and The Thomas Crown Affair. 
  • It was also made in the vein of 1960s/70s ‘crime caper’ films.
  • The first title of the movie was Muppets… Again! 
  • Director James Bobin is only one of two to work on two (or more) Muppet movies. The other one was Brian Henson.
  • Ray Liotta has now appeared in two Muppet movies, the other one being Muppets From Space.

Snack 3:

Who is your favourite Muppet? One of mine is Fozzie Bear. How cute and sweet is he? So we will tip our hats to that caramel-coloured ball of loveliness with Bear Claws from Sprinkle Bakes. Have you tried these? Canadians go crazy for them!

What’s your favourite Muppet film? Mine has to be the Muppet Movie with Kermie singing ‘Rainbow Connection’

Ok, so strictly we should be done but I thought I’d show you these amazing Muppet Cake Pops from Bakerella. She includes the recipe and directions to make them but they look super hard. But if you’re up to it, give it a go and show us what they look like! So cute!!!!!

Image: Bakerella

Image: Bakerella

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