Veronica Mars movie matched with Californian cuisine

Starring Kristen Bell, Jason Dohring & Chris Lowell

Rating 7/10


– It’s nine years after the last episode of the third season of TV sensation (well I thought so) Veronica Mars. And no, the teen super-sleuth did not join the FBI but became a lawyer. The movie opens with her interviewing for a New York City lawyer position post-college and still involved in a relationship with hottie, Piz (Lowell).
– But then news breaks that her ex-boyfriend, Logan Eccles (Dohring) has been charged with the murder of his girlfriend and ex-Neptune High student AND music superstar, Carrie Bishop AKA Bonnie DeVille.
– Logan contacts Veronica to ask her help with choosing a lawyer and she returns home to Neptune, California without Piz and with a whole lot of emotional baggage.
– She sees her dad and private eye dad, Keith (Enrico Colantoni), her best buds in the Neptune world and a few others. She meets with Logan and hears the whole sad old story about his life, his love of ‘Bonnie’ and the details about the night she died. Mystery!
– She tries to dodge her 10-year reunion but is dragged there by her well-meaning buddies, as Piz flies in to join her.
– Things turn ugly at the reunion as old friends and foes unite for an unforgettable night. But it’s not all wasted because Veronica finds some clues to Bonnie’s death including the mysterious death of another Neptune High student, years before.
– The tension builds, Piz gets way jealous and Veronica gets suspicious. There’s murder, car crashes and revelations that will knock your socks off! Yep, some characters that we have loved for years will be killed off. But I won’t tell you who!
– Action, action, revelation, kissy kiss, ending! I won’t spoil it but that’s the gist!


Yo dude! Yeah, that’s about all I’ve got when it comes to talking the Californian talk. I’m an Aussie, what can I say? Anyhoo, I’ve done some research and found some amazing Californian recipes for you to eat while you watch these movies. Sorry I can’t cook them for you, but I’m sure you’ll enjoy cooking up a storm while you prepare, mentally, for this movie! So, I suggest you start with… Spicy Corn on the Cob recipe from Country Living.


Ok, this review is written by me, a die-hard fan of the old Veronica Mars series. Yes there were fake wigs and bad flashbacks, unbelievable plots and shallow characters but, like a teenager, I accepted it for all its immaturity and loved it for it all! So, if you’ve never seen the series, you may not ‘get’ this movie.

As a film it’s kinda disjointed and a bit ho-hum with a dash of good action thrown in for good measure. But if you know the characters, the story lines, well that’s a different matter altogether. For us fans, this movie is pretty fun. The final episode of the last series left a lot of things hanging around which was pretty unsatisfying, I’ve gotta be honest. I think they assumed they were getting a fourth season, which they didn’t.

So, this movie is more like a really short fourth season or a really long episode. And you’ve got to remember that this was made on a pretty small budget as it was one of the first films to be receive crowdfunding. So it’s not like it’s a blockbuster or anything but I didn’t care. I loved seeing the old characters again. I loved seeing where Veronica’s love life was going and where the old school buddies had ended up.

There were a few too many nostalgic references like having another Sheriff Lamb and a few too many deaths but like all good Veronica Mars episodes, you have to suspend reality! And so I did. Ultimately, for us fans it’s fun, it’s nostalgic and I loved that it did tie up those loose ends. Quite satisfactory actually. Here’s the trailer…

Main meal:

What is more Californian than a burger?! What’s that I hear? A burger with avocado? Yep, that’s right. Our perfect, filling, delicious Californian burger today comes from chef extraordinaire, Bill Granger. It’s his Californian-Inspired Burger recipe from The Independent.

Veronica Mars trivia:

  • A mere $6 million
  • The film broke the record for the fastest crowdfunding film ever, gaining an impressive $2 million in donations in only 10 hours.
  • Once that was in the bag, Warner Bros. Digital Distribution started backing the project.
  • Bell had just given birth to her baby girl (awww) only 3 months before the shoot began.
  • Bells’ hubby, Dax Shepard tries to lure her into dancing with him at the club. She is repulsed! Classic.
  • The Carrie Bishop character had to be played by another actress because the original chick was off filming another movie and was unavailable!


California is that sunny old place where movie stars live and super-fit people jog up and down, up and down without seemingly breaking a sweat right? Well you can imagine what those fitness freaks eat and this would have to be one of their special treats. It’s Coconut, Fig and Pistachio Raw Cheesecake recipe from The Design Files.

Who’s your favourite Veronica Mars character?

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