The Prestige film paired with extraordinary food

Image: BBC Food

Image: BBC Food

Starring Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale & Scarlett Johansson

Rating 8/10


–  According to magician guru, John Cutter (Michael Caine), an illusion has 3 parts: the pledge, the turn and the prestige – where the ordinary object that has been transformed is returned to its original state.
– Cutter mentors two up and coming magicians, Robert Angier (Jackman) and Alfred Borden (Bale) who compete  for fame, fortune and ultimately, pride.
– But we find out that in the future, Borden is thrown in jail, on death row, for killing his rival, Angier by drowning him in a tank trick.
– Flashback – Angier’s wife (his ‘lovely assistant) drowns in a tank trick gone wrong (I sense a pattern), and he blames Borden for tying the wrong knot on her hands so she couldn’t escape and save herself.
– Both magicians go to see another famous Chinese illusionist and they realise that he’s not as fragile/old as he seems but he acts this way onstage and off to trick his audience. They realise that a magician is never off stage and that it requires commitment and sacrifice in order to be the best of the best.
– The two split magicians stop working for each other and their rivalries start really hotting up. Angier keeps working with Cutter and gets a new very lovely assistant, Olivia (Johansson) who he falls in love with… of course!
– Then he breaks her heart by sending her to work for Borden as a spy. Borden has married and had a child with his wife but he starts an affair with Olivia! Hussy!
– Borden starts performing a new trick called ‘The Transported Man’ and Angier is desperate to learn how he does it. It becomes his obsession and Olivia sends him Borden’s journal that is encrypted. So he travels to Colorado to work with a scientist, Tesla, who has created a teleportation machine.
– And it’s here that things get complicated, twisty and fabulous! I won’t spoil them all for you. Find out for yourself! Eek!


A movie with a million twists is crying out for recipes with a twist or two as well, don’t you think? I do! I love trying new food, new combinations of flavours and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t; ie don’t bother with Chicken Feet! Blergh! Anyhoo, hopefully you’ll love these crazy recipes and you’ll be brave enough to actually try them and eat them while watching this tricksy movie! Our first recipe is… Deep Fried Ravioli on a Stick from Just A Taste. Crunchy-yum!


I hadn’t seen this movie for quite a few years but I knew it was good. So many twists and deceptions. You never really know the truth until the last scene and it’s freaky, man! Part of the lure of the film has to be its two stars. I just love Jackman and Bale, a feast for the eyes and the soul. They’re amazing actors, giving brilliant performances. They have great chemistry in this film, so much so, that it’s hard to pick sides. Although, as an Aussie, I’ll always pick Jackman!

Because there’s so much going on in the plot, this film could have become messy and confusing, but it’s not. Equally, it could have spelled out exactly how things were done, like the audience is dumb, but it achieves a perfect balance. There are some pretty unbelievable aspects but by the time they come around, you’re so engrossed in the whole thing, you just go along with it. Enjoy the ride, so to speak.

I love magicians/illusions. I’m pretty bad at picking how they do their tricks, totally gullible, so I absolutely loved this film. Having said that, I’m usually pretty good at picking twists in films, but this one surprised me at every turn. It’s one of my Top 100 Movies and I stand by it. Fun, exciting, action-packed, full of deception, science fiction, trickery and MAGIC! Check it out why don’t you!

Main meal:

Our next dish, although not overly weird, just tickled my funny bone. Just look at that chicken, sitting up ready to be eaten! Hilarious! It’s BBQ ‘Beer-Can’ Chicken from BBC Food. I’m laughing and salivating at the same time!

Image: BBC Food

Image: BBC Food

The Prestige trivia:

  • Budget – $40 million
  • The Asian illusionist in this movie is based on a real life magician who was actually Caucasian but lived his whole life as Chung Ling Soo, a Chinese man in the early 1900s. He did this to draw the crowds in as there was a great appetite for the exotic in those days.
  • Tesla was a real inventor, one of Edison’s greatest rivals.
  • Borden’s child is actually one of  Director, Christopher Nolan’s children.
  • One of the magicians in the film was Ricky Jay, a real illusionist who trained Jackman and Bale.


Sweets are the funnest! Is that a word? Anyway, you can do a lot with sugar, flavour and, of course, chocolate. This messed up dessert will knock your socks off, if you’re brave enough to make it! Are you? It’s Sweet & Spicy Bacon Coated with Nutella from bell’alimento. Eeeeeek! (That’s an eeeeek of excitement).

How good are you at picking the tricks behind magicians? Me? Not so good.

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