How to throw a super-fun film and food party on a budget


Now for something completely different…

Today we celebrated the birthday of a very special girlie girl. She chose a movie theme (I hand-on-heart promise I had NOTHING to do with that decision). So we went for it… but in a budget kinda way, of course. And I thought that my film and foodies might wanna know how we did it. Now, it wasn’t fancy but it was heaps of fun.

Here’s what we had….

Red Carpet

Every great movie premiere starts with a glamourous red carpet, so it was a must-have for our party. I looked around and there’s heaps of proper red carpets for heaps of dollars but I went with a red plastic tablecloth (from the cheap shop in town) folded in half and sticky-taped to the floor. I used sparkly tinsel to bling it up a bit! Whatcha think?


Lights! Camera! Action! 

Our hallway was lit up by loads of Christmas lights and sparkly star lights with extra tinsel to reflect the light. Awww, fairly pretty.

Fancy curtain door

I wanted to block out the boring room behind with a bit of a mysterious curtain and my sis-in-law suggested I grab a black garbage bag, cut down both sides to open it up and then cut strips to make a fancy-pants curtain. This is also a great idea for Halloween.

Movie posters

God bless my local video store, the owner was so generous giving us some really great movie posters for the party for FREE! We had: Maleficent, a random dance movie, Captain America and the kids’ favourite, The Lego Movie posters. And they were FREE! Budget decoration at its best!



And then there was food of course!

There cannot be a film party without awesome food of course! Well, sugary yummy food. We started with chips and then progressed to Strawberry Coconut Ice (recipe here)



And air popped popcorn with heaps of naughty butter! I think it was a hit… this was all that was left.



To add to the super-sugary style of the movie party, we had creaming soda (or lemonade) spiders! Otherwise called ice cream sodas in these cool-as vintage metal cups!


And cake of course! This one was supposed to be from Alice in Wonderland (the movie) – it’s the Queen’s palace. Can you tell?


For games we did a music quiz (what kids’ movie is this song from?) and a general movie quiz that they all loved. Here’s a song that they all screamed out the answer to… you know why, don’t you?!

So, the two movies that match all our food and festivities today would have to be…. Frozen (check out my review here: Frozen film paired with fun frosty food families will love ) and Tim Burton’s awesome Alice in Wonderland. 

 Did I miss anything?

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