August: Osage County film paired with family food

Image: Prevention

Image: Prevention

Starring Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts & Ewan McGregor

Rating 9/10


August: Osage County storyline


What’s for dinner? Well, if you’ve already seen this movie I know what you’re thinking… MEAT! And you’re right. This recipe is a family-friendly dish that you can imagine this fiesty family digging into can’t you, well except Jean that is! It’s Beef Stew from Prevention.

Image: Prevention

Image: Prevention

Call me a softy but I’ve decided to include a recipe for dear Jean. Poor girl, after being laughed at by the whole family, I’m sure she’d love to tuck into Sweet Potato Casserole from Tulsa World.



I wasn’t expecting to rate this movie so highly, I must admit. Family dramas can really drag on and get into messy territory but I just cannot give it less than 9/10. The amazing cast gave flawless performances, none more surprising than Julia Roberts. Now take this the right way but she looks TERRIBLE in this film… but she’s supposed to! None of this Hollywood glamour stuff, thank goodness.

Streep, Roberts, McGregor, Chris Cooper, Sam Shepard, Julianne Nicholson, Benedict Cumberbatch… in fact the whole cast was on fire! And they had to be! At one stage, Julia Roberts gave me the shivers! The script is brilliant, the emotions so darn raw, if you didn’t play your character well, it could have ruined the whole thing.

This is not a feel-good film at all but it is REAL! It’s raw and honest and ever-so rich. There are twists and turns that you can’t see coming. It’s an engrossing film, a dramatic, tense, emotional story of one very broken family’s grief, that brings out the best and absolute worst in most of them. Eek! It’s fantastic. Give it a watch.


August: Osage County trivia:

  • Budget – $25 million
  • Streep and Roberts were nominated for Oscars
  • Jim Carrey was almost cast as Steve instead of Dermot Mulroney (awwwww)
  • A producer suggested casting Judi Dench as Violet and Nicole Kidman as Barbara
  • Filmed in autumn, the crew had to paint orange leaves green, then replace fallen leaves with digital versions later on.
  • Instead of super-hot (as in the film) the temperature was a chilly 4 degrees celsius or 40 degrees fahrenheit.
  • Violet’s house is actually a place built in 1918. It was bought by producers and refurnished.
  • A large tree (100 years old) was moved from back to the front of the house by the film crew.
  • Based on a Pulitzer prize winning play by Tracy Letts


Nom, nom, nom, how delish does this look? This recipe is from a small Amish community in Oklahoma. Not exactly on par with our troubled crew but it looked too yummy to pass up! It’s The Bishop’s Chocolate Pie and Chouteau, Oklahoma from Amish 365.

Image: Amish 365

Image: Amish 365

What are your family reunions like?

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