Saving Mr Banks movie matched with Disney-worthy dishes


Image: Babes in Disneyland

Image: Babes in Disneyland

Starring Emma Thompson, Tom Hanks & Colin Farrell

Rating 7/10


And surprise, surprise, today’s plot is brought to you by Wikipedia! Here ’tis – Saving Mr Banks plot.


Now when you think of our dear Disney, what main meal comes to mind? This one was a tricky one because Disney = sugar! But two loved-up doggies once shared a dish of delicious spaghetti and meatballs, do you remember? That’s right, it was Lady and the Tramp! Sucking down those long spaghetti pieces and turning it into a romantic doggie kiss. Awww. So we’re tipping our bowler hats to Mr Disney with this: Spaghetti and Meatballs from Cooking Classy.


There’s so much to like about this movie: Hanks as Walt Disney, Farrell as Travers’ ailing father, Australia (or USA trying to look like Australia), singing, laughter, tears! But there was something that left me feeling a little under-whelmed. Now don’t shoot the blogger but at times I found Thomspon’s performance a tad over-the-top! I’m not sure if the character called for it or it was her interpretation of the character being snotty and unlikeable but, yep, I didn’t like her much…until the end that is! Then I cried my little heart out!

What I LOVED (besides my list at the top there) was Disney, Travers’ driver, the creative bunch trying to get this dastardly woman to sign off on the film and the story set in Australia. Though it was very sad and moving, I loved the flashbacks to Travers’ childhood in Oz. Unlovable as she was, you could understand why when you found out what had happened to her.

This is a good movie. It’s entertaining and moving, It’s not an Oscar-winning flick or anything but it does tell the fascinating story of Mary Poppin’s author with heart and a load of nostalgia. Retro, baby, retro! Here’s the trailer…

Saving Mr Banks trivia:

  • Budget – $35 million
  • So apparently, this film was supposed to be shot in Queensland, Australia but those scenes were moved to California and yes, us Aussies noticed!
  • To perfect Disney’s accent, Hanks listened to recordings of Mr Disney then tried out his accent while reading the newspaper out loud.
  • Thompson wore jewellery borrowed from the Disney Museum.
  • Apparently, in real life, Travers was crying at the movie premiere because she hated the film, not because it reminded her of daddy!
  • It was the song, ‘Feed the Birds’ that Travers loved, not ‘Let’s Go Fly a Kite’.
  • Hanks’ distant cousin is actually Walt Disney himself.
  • 39 hours of audio tape between Travers and the creative team still exist. Thompson, Hanks and screenwriter, Kelly Marcel listened to them, through gritted teeth apparently.
  • You can see a map of Florida in Disney’s office that would become the next Disney theme park.


Sugar time! Are you excited? I love sugary donuts, warm straight from the oven. Crispy on the outside, fluffy and light in the middle. Are you salivating? I am-ish! To add a touch of Disney to this dish, let’s give it a fancy shape with this recipe: Mickey Mouse Beignets Recipe from Babes in Disneyland.

What Disney-style dish would you like to try?

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