L.A Confidential film paired with moreish diner dishes

Starring Kevin Spacey, Russell Crowe, Guy Pearce, Kim Basinger & Danny DeVito

Rating 8/10


L.A Confidential storyline as told by our good friend, Wikipedia.com


This film is all about 1950s America and nothing screams AMERICA more than diner food. So, for starters we’ve got a diner classic… Almond Joy Milkshake recipe from Design Sponge.

Oh and I have food, don’t worry about that! Food is my favourite. The burger to go with these fabulous milkshakes is a slider (cos sliders are so cool right now). It’s Pulled Pork Sandwiches recipe from Adventures in Cooking.


I love a good (and I mean GOOD) action, mystery, thriller movie and this one is good. With such an amazing cast, how can it not be? I really loved seeing Kim Basinger, hands up who forgot about this babe? She combines vulnerability with sexiness, perfect for her character, Lynn Bracken. Crowe is rough, tough and perfect as the troubled policeman and Pearce is creepy-as, but he always seems to be a bit… off, somehow.

Loved DeVito, Spacey and the very young Simon Baker (the dude from The Mentalist). Yep, great cast but what about the story itself! Twists, baby, yeah! Love it. Try and pick the good cop from the bad, I dare ya! There’s murder, set-ups, kidnappings and more seedy happenings from down-town (and up-town) L.A in the 1950s. Oooo I love it.

I haven’t seen this film for ages and was pleasantly surprised at the quality of every element. It’s a perfect rainy Friday night flashback movie to share with friends or your nearest and dearest. Well worth its spot on my list of Top 100 movies.

L.A Confidential trivia:

  • Budget – $35 million
  • The beating scene (where the cops beat up their hispanic prisoners) and others were based on real events.
  • As Crowe’s character was supposed to be the biggest man on the police force, he moved into an apartment where he had to duck to get through the doors so he felt taller.
  • Pearce researched his character by riding around with a real cop but he found him way too racist so he decided to continue his research by watching Police training vids from 1950s.
  • According to Mickey Rooney there was actually a brothel in L.A that had prostitutes that looked like movie stars.
  • Spacey was encouraged to channel Dean Martin in his portrayal of his character.
  • The fight scenes between Crowe & Pearce had been shot months after shooting had been finished but Guy had shaved his head so he had to wear a wig! I didn’t pick it, did you?
  • When Pearce first read the script he didn’t like his character.
  • The motel in the last scene was the only set they had to make.
  • There were 30 dead bodies in this film… 30!


Ok, what’s the first sweet dish you think of when you picture a typical American diner? Pie? You got it! So that’s what we’re cooking. It’s Blueberry Custard Pie from The Girl Who Ate Everything.

Love a good mystery flick? Tell me your fave! I might even review it.

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