Midnight in Paris movie matched with French delicacies

Starring Owen Wilson, Rachel McAdams & Michael Sheen

Rating 7/10


Midnight in Paris plot


Ready to eat? Me? Always! Our main meal is brought to you by France and chickens. It’s something I’d imagine Gil would tuck into while meeting up with his favourite writers/arty-types. It’s (and put on your best French accent here) Poulet Vallee d’Auge recipe from Nine MSN Food.


At the risk of sounding incredibly uncool, uncultured and anti-arty-farty-filmy I’m not a huge fan of Woody Allen. There I said it! For me his movies always seem to have this depressing, self-centred, melancholy feel to them which is all well and good for one film but when it’s a theme through most of them, well, I guess you have to be in a Woody Allen type of mood to appreciate them.

Having said all that, I kinda enjoyed this movie. I loved, absolutely loved the opening montage of Paris, pointing out… “Ooo I’ve BEEN there!” locations (and if you haven’t maybe you could exclaim “I wanna go THERE!”). Being a writer myself, I related to Gil (Wilson). I detested the snobbish Paul (Sheen) and even the equally hoity-toity Inez (McAdams), as I think I was supposed to. And the idea of heading back in time at midnight each night was a bit different. However it didn’t light my world on fire! I didn’t clasp my hands in sheer delight over this movie. My eyes didn’t shine, my heart didn’t beat. It was different and entertaining and Owen Wilson was Owen Wilson, as Owen Wilson is.

But check it out for yourself if you haven’t’ already. It is worth your while but not earth-shattteringly good!

Midnight in Paris trivia:

  • Budget – $17 million
  • Writer/Director, Woody Allen wanted to give the film a warm, reddish glow so the audience felt cosy and warm themselves.
  • The movie poster was designed as a tribute to van Gogh’s painting The Starry Night.
  • Allen won the  Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay for this movie at the 2011 ceremony.
  • The film was also nominated for an Oscar for Best Picture, Best Director & Best Art Direction.
  • This is Woody Allen’s most successful film, grossing over $100 million worldwide.
  • Allen convinced McAdams to play Inez by saying “You don’t want to go your whole life playing these beautiful girls. You want to play some bitchy parts.”
  • The French President’s wife (at the time of filming), Carla Bruni, played the tour guide at the museum.



Hands up who loves French sweets? Well, you’re going to love this one. This, like the writers/artists in the movie, is a classic French dessert. It’s Profiteroles from Fool Proof Living. Yummo!

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