Babette’s Feast movie matched with a feast, of course!

Starring Stephane Audran, Birgitte Federspiel & Bodhi Kjer

Rating 8/10

So many dishes, so little blog space. But, never fear, I’ve picked out a few of my favourites from this delicious movie so let’s get cooking…


We’re starting with a kind of easy recipe… unlike the next one! Eek! Gotta be adventurous to cook Babette’s menu. Our entree today/tonight, whenever you choose to cook it (if you do), is Blini with Caviar from D’Artagnan.


Click here for Babette’s Feast plot


Now this is a feast, right?! So our dinner must have at least two different dishes to fill our hungry tummies as we salivate over Babette’s amazing meal.

1. You simply cannot forget Babette’s cute little Quail pies. We’re making a similar thing, without the heads on though. That was a bit too much for me! Here’s the recipe: Braised Quail & Spatchcock Pie with Fennel, Pear & Thyme Relish from He Needs Food.

2. This is another crunchy, crispy delight, oozing with delicious warm filling. It’s Bouchees a la Reine from Saint Jean (a French website, so it has to be authentic!)

Image: Saint Jean

Image: Saint Jean


I have been wanting to see this movie for years! It’s legendary in our house but I’ve never been able to track it down… until now.

It’s not as upbeat amazing as I thought it would be. No, it’s not set in Italy, so there are no passionate, brown eyed, olive skinned men kissing their fingers (mwah-style) and shouting about “Mama’s” cooking. No, the small Danish village where Babette finds herself is full of very subdued older people, mostly, who are trying desperately to live a ‘Godly’ life. This is both admirable and a little melancholy at times, because they seem to miss out on a lot when they really don’t have to.

I love the joy these villagers get from Babette’s kind of shocking menu and I must admit I was a bit surprised by the turtle soup and the cow’s head. But that’s French food for you, baby! This is a very simple, delightful movie about love lost, about choosing a particular life for yourself and sacrificing everything to maintain it. Ultimately, it’s about how food, a meal, a feast can bring people together, mend old grievances and bring joy!

A lovely movie. Check it out.

Babette’s Feast trivia:

  • This is Pope Francis’ favourite all-time movie. You can see why!
  • Based on the tale by Danish author Karen Blixen with the pen name, Isak Dinesen.
  • In the book, the village was situated in the Norwegian town of Berlevåg but filmmakers found this land to be too beautiful so they shot the movie in a more desolate place in Jutland.
  • The role of Babette was offered to Catherine Deneuve but when she turned it down, Stéphane Audran jumped at the chance. 
  • The use of a narrator was a controversial move with some saying it was too old-fashioned.
  • This great movie won the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film at the 1987 Academy Awards.
  • Back in the day, it’s said some restaurants cooked the same menu as Babette’s to match the movie. Sound familiar?


Now there was no cream, puffy pastries or a whiff of a croissant, but Babette’s dessert looked amazing. It was a bundt kinda cake thing. So that’s what we’re making – Kugelhopf from The Good Life France.

Feeling hungry?

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