Film and Food – Celebrity spot with Jules Lund


Ever wondered what your favourite celebrity watches on movie night? I thought it would be fun to ask one or two and I was lucky enough to get Jules Lund from 2dayfm in Sydney (and who can forget his days on Getaway?) to share his favourite movie and snack combo.

Jules Lund was born at a very young age (boom-tish!) in Melbourne, Australia. After winning a competition on a radio station, he became a presenter on TV travel show, Getaway for eight amazing (one can only imagine) years. Then he hosted a variety of other TV shows but then headed back to where it all began… radio-land. And this is where you’ll find him today, bleary-eyed and working like a madman on 2dayfm’s super-popular breakfast show.

So what does one of Australia’s favourite presenters and radio personalities like to watch/eat?

Here’s what he said…

Jules Lund on Film and Food

Now I must admit Wolverine and X-Men aren’t  my list of Top 100 movies (yet) but that’s not to say I don’t like action movies! Give me Ghostbusters or Star Wars movies any day. They’re action aren’t they?

Having said that, these movies are pretty impressive, bringing to life beloved characters from comic books! Hands up who was a comic book nerd, now two hands up if you’re STILL a comic book nerd! High five to you all.

Now, if you were to watch one of these action-packed, zapping, flying, fighting, good vs evil movies, what would you eat? Jules said choc-caramel covered popcorn clusters (YUM). So I found a recipe that almost, almost fit this description (with a nice piccy). Check it out!

Jules Lund’s snack of choice

Double Chocolate, Salted Caramel and Walnut Popcorn Clusters from Pig and Thistle.

What’s your all-time favourite movie snack of all time in the whole universe?

** A BIG thank you to Jules Lund for taking the time to film this little segment! You rock!

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