12 Angry Men film matched with a delicious 1950s menu

Starring Henry Fonda, Lee J. Cobb &  Jack Warden

Rating 8/10


Take it away Wikipedia …. 12 Angry Men plot.


There are SO many wrong, wrong recipes from the 1950s. Have a Google and you’ll see. From the Hamburger Upside-Down Bake to the Sweet Casseroles (don’t ask). But I wouldn’t make you cook something I wouldn’t eat myself. So here’s a rather yummy looking dinner from the 1950s for you to make and enjoy. It’s Shepherd’s Pie from BBC Good Food.



I know how they feel, those 12 angry men. I’m writing a bit angry today myself. But not with the justice system (as I probably should be in Australian right now but that’s another story). I’m cross with my stupid computer! Ever had one of those days? Yup. Just thought I’d bring you into my home, into my day and into the context of my mood. Anyhoo, here’s the review…

In modern terms, this movie could come across a bit ho-hum. Most of the movie takes place in the one room with a bunch of men talking about a murder. There is no action except a bit of a re-enactment but that’s not exciting, compared to the movies I guess we’re used to seeing. But, and a big but, this is a fascinating movie.

Instead of being hand-fed the story line through visuals, you join the men of the jury into the heart of the story. The majority of these guys were at first convinced that the kid was guilty but as they dig down deep, cracks begin to form in the story. The recollection of witnesses is analysed and the probability of their testimony put to the test.

This is a great film with a cast of fascinating characters that you’ll grow to love – even the annoying harsh fella. Like all great old movies, this is well written and acted. It feels like a play and a good one at that. Which is why it’s on (and here comes my linkage plug) my list of Top 100 movies. Would it make it onto yours?

12 Angry Men trivia:

  • Budget – a mere $340,000
  • Apparently this film is often used to teach about group behaviour including teamwork and conflict.
  • All of the cast has since died.
  • It was nominated for 3 Oscars – Best Director, Best Picture & Best Writing of Adapted Screenplay.
  • The various camera angles were chosen deliberately to make the room feel claustrophobic.
  • Fonda was never paid for his role because the film didn’t make a profit.
  • Filming took only 21 days after weeks of rehearsing.
  • A remake of the film was released in 1997 starring George C. Scott, Tony Danza & James Gandolfini.


Pining for something a little bit different? This is a traditional 1950s cake recipe with a secret ingredient. I love that! Gotta make this one. It’s Tomato Soup Cake (you heard it right!) from Wonderland Kitchen.

Love courtroom dramas? What’s your fave?

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