Dead Poets Society movie matched with private school food

Image: Paula Deen

Image: Paula Deen

Starring Robin Williams, Robert Sean Leonard & Ethan Hawke

Rating 9/10

So I remember this one being sadder than it really was. Now, I would describe it as simply inspiring. Here’s the plot link via the ole Wikipedia – Dead Poets Society plot.


Picture the boys in their fancy uniforms sitting row upon row of uncomfortable wooden stools (without backs of course!), waiting for their dinner to be served. And what would they be eating? Comfort food of course. I’ve got two recipes for this course for you to cook up a storm.

1. Garlic Mashed Potatoes from Paula Deen

Image: Paula Deen

Image: Paula Deen


2. Beef Stew with Parsley Dumplings recipe from Nine MSN.

Image: Nine MSN

Image: Nine MSN


I remember watching this movie when I was a teenager. And I watched it a LOT! Especially at sleepovers and such. So it’s still pretty clear in my mind but I did forget how powerful a film it was and still is. Robert Sean Leonard would have to be one of the most underrated actors from the 90s. He had a few good movies but really didn’t hit the big time. But he’s such a great actor.

Ethan Hawke is gawky and so very young and does a great job but Robin Williams is perfect as the inspiring (dream) teacher. Someone who’s unafraid of breaking the rules and challenging traditions (my kind of teacher). It’s a sad story about the pressures put on these high achievers and what it can ultimately do to kids when pushed too hard or misunderstood. And it’s also a powerful testament to the power of words, good and bad. How anyone can change a person’s life for the good. Choosing to speak life over someone instead of criticism. A great reminder.

If you haven’t seen this movie, then do it. It’s beautiful, sad,  deep and most importantly directed by Aussie Peter Weir (who I met once when I was working at the local video store. I thought he was just some nice oldish man and didn’t realise who he was until he had left! Forehead slap!) This is such a brilliant film which is why it’s another Film and Food Top 100 movie (notice I snuck a cheeky link in there? Apparently Google loves it!)


Dead Poets Society trivia:

  • Budget – $16.4 million
  • It won the Oscar in 1990 for Best Original Screenplay (Tom Schulman) and the BAFTA for Best Film.
  • The movie was shot in order so that the progression of the boys’ respect for their teacher would seem real.
  • Robin Williams jumped at the chance to play Mr Keating because he was the type of teacher he always dreamed of having at school.
  • At first, Liam Neeson was booked to play Mr Keating but that changed when Peter Weir was hired to direct.
  • Ethan Hawke had never met an Aussie before this film and thought the director spoke weirdly.
  • The actors playing the school boys all shared a room so they could bond during shooting.
  • Apparently this film’s plot is so close to the history of how fraternities were formed in the USA that it’s now shown to frat members.
  • The screenwriter based his script on some of his life at a boy’s school and some of his friends called him asking which character they were.
  • At first, the script had Robin Williams’ character dying of leukemia but Weir wanted the focus to be on the boys instead of the teacher.


Oh my goodness, my sister-in-law (an awesome chef) made one of these amazing pies one night and I swear we were all left licking our bowls. Caramel and banana! Yummo. Very delicious and very moreish. I’m sure those boys would have loved to tuck into a bowl of this! And you will too. It’s Banoffee Pie recipe from The Collective.

Are you a lover of sad movies?

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