The Book Thief film paired with amazing German dishes

Starring Sophie Nélisse, Geoffrey Rush &  Emily Watson

Rating 9/10

I have a confession to make. I hate writing the plot summary. It’s kinda ho-hum. Love movies and stories and stuff, but, from now on, the plot will be brought to you by Wikipedia. God love ’em.

So, here’s The Book Thief plot. Read it if you like … or not!

So, my review slash recipes combo thing tonight will be a bit tainted. You see I’ve been watching a few sad old movies lately. It kinda got me down the other day (and my next one to watch is Dead Poets Society, what was I thinking?) So my reaction to this movie may have been a bit out of whack. So give it a watch and make up your own mind.


One dish that features throughout this movie is soup. Hearty, warm, comforting and very simple German soup. Hans and Rosa, being very poor, could only afford this type of food. So we’ll join them with a bowl of tummy-warming Bavarian Lentil Soup from The Wanderlust Kitchen.


Warning: a few  spoilers are to follow so stop reading now if you haven’t seen it yet.

Death narrates the opening scene, as he does in the book. And I hate Death’s voice. It’s too lame. Not strong enough or was that the point?

But onwards and upwards from there with fantastic performances all ’round, especially from teen actress, Nélisse and Aussie awesome actor, Rush. The story is a mix between happy and devastating, as all good German WWII movies are. It’s always interesting to see a war story from the perspective of the Germans though, like All Quiet on the Western Front

Because I love words myself, I love Liesel and Hans and their wall of words. As Hans says “Words are life, Liesel” and that they are! The little story about the community, the bullies, Liesel’s best friend Rudy and Ilsa Hermann (the mayor’s wife who sneaks Liesel in to read her forbidden books) make this movie what it is.

But then disaster strikes and I tell you, I had the strongest reaction to this terrible scene. I hated death with a vengeance, with white-hot anger, I don’t think I’ve ever felt in a movie. I wasn’t hating the allies or the Germans but death itself. I almost started hating the movie too. But the ending was amazing and it absolutely made up for my moment of anger. And I reckon if a film can move you to feel such anger, then I think it’s pretty darn good.

The Book Thief trivia:

  • Budget – $19 million
  • Based on the novel by Aussie author, Markus Zusak.
  • The role of Liesel was hotly contested by nearly 1000 actresses from around the world.
  • Zusak saw the movie Monsieur Lazhar with Nélisse impressing the author so much he recommended she play Liesel.
  • The movie was shot in Berlin at a studio.


Now this sweet may look a tad difficult to make but be brave and give it a go. It’s a German snowball recipe that brings back a certain snowball fight from this particular film. Perfecto! (I think that’s Italian actually). But hey, ho here’s the recipe. It’s Schneeballen from Chili und Ciabatta. Feel free to share pics of your own creations.

Who do you relate to the most in this movie? And please don’t say Death, you’ll scare me.

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