The Tourist film matched with scrumptious Italian dishes

Image: NPR

Image: NPR

Starring Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp & Paul Bettany

Rating 7/10

Plot in a flash:

– France and Elise Clifton-Ward (Jolie) is being followed and watched by the mighty Scotland Yard, Interpol and French Police. She gets a note from her ‘lover’, Alexander Pearce who owes £744 million in taxes. He says to hop on a certain train and befriend a man that looks like him.
– She does and it’s a American maths teacher tourist, Frank (Depp). He can’t believe his luck! They head to Venice where Elise asks him to stay with her in a super-fancy hotel.
– Things get exciting when gangster dudes start chasing poor Frank in his pyjamas and then he gets arrested by Italian police, while Elise floats around Venice looking sharp.
– Twist upon twist happens, jaws drop and men are shot in the back. Exciting stuff.

Review in a flash:

Depp and Jolie had a pretty weird chemistry in this movie. I’m usually a big fan of both of them but poor Johnny looked old and a tad under-done, lacking his usual mojo. Jolie was beautiful and classy but I didn’t love her character. The script itself was ho-hum. Nice and fluffy for a rainy Thursday night but it didn’t shake my world. If I had to choose one word to describe this movie it would take two words… ‘harmless fun’.

Having said that, there were some funny moments thanks to a spot of witty writing and Depp’s talent for comedy. But overall it was average to good. So, lower your expectations and just see it as a ‘junk food’ kinda film. Not great for the soul but will satisfy you for an hour or two, then it will leave you and not look back. Ya dig?!

Here’s the trailer…


As the movie is mostly set in Venice, I had to choose an authentic Venetian recipe. And this one is a Venetian classic, it’s Risi E Bisi from NPR.

Image: NPR

Image: NPR

The Tourist trivia:

  • Budget – $100 million
  • Um, poor Paul Bettany made a huge mistake, turning down a role in the Oscar-winning The King’s Speech to do this movie. Silly fella.
  • First Tom Cruise was going to play Frank, then Sam Worthington but then, after Sam couldn’t bear to take on the role, Johnny said, “oh alright then, I’ll do it” (not a direct quote!)
  • Jolie wears 12 amazing outfits in the film
  • Frank is sitting in the 8th seat of the 22nd car which is pertinent for what reason? (movie trivia time)


Oh my gosh, this looks amazing. It’s Italian (from a real Italian site of course) and it’s chocolate, so if even if the movie isn’t an Oscar-worthy creation, this certainly will satisfy your stomach – Amaretto and Chocolate Cake recipe from I Wanted to Be a Chef (or Volevo Fare lo Chef).


Have you been to Europe? I loved Italy (cliche but it’s awesome). What was your favourite country?

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