Mud movie matched with an amazing Southern menu

Starring Matthew McConaughey, Sam Shepherd & Reese Witherspoon

Rating 8/10

Plot in a flash:

– Two young kiddos, Ellis and Neckbone (go figure!) find a boat up in a tree on a random island off the Mississippi River. They also find a runaway man, Mud (McConaughey) who asks them for help to escape the island.
– He also tells them that he’s waiting for his girlfriend, Juniper (Witherspoon), who has a bird tattoo on her hand, before he heads off.
– The boys go to town and happen to spy Juniper and have a run-in with her and some mean looking fellas. They find out that Mud has actually killed their brother/son to protect his beloved Juniper and is hiding from the law.
– Long story short, they help Mud bring the boat down from the tree, there’s a scary shoot-out and a bit of a twist. Think Huckleberry Finn and gangsters!


If you’ve already seen this film, you may notice one dish that the boys and Mud eat all the time… Beans. You can imagine the danger they face sitting so close to a fire after a tin-full of these babies. Any-hoo, our entree is proudly brought to you by nought but beans (kinda!). Here it is… Grannie’s Texas Butter Beans Recipe from Amazing Ribs.

Review in a flash:

Who doesn’t love Matthew McConaughey? But, really, he’s not the star in this movie, the boys are! And the scenery, the action sequences and the story itself. It was pretty mesmorising. There are so many ‘different’, fascinating plot points, like the boat up the tree! Mystery! But it wasn’t that mystery that took centre stage.

It was the lives of the boys and their families (or lack thereof), the story of Mud and Juniper, the story of Juniper’s ex’s family (crazy gun-toting rich people) and the story of the mighty Mississippi itself with its fishing communities and stuff. So fun! You’ll love it! Oh and of course, McConaughey does take his shirt off so if all else fails…

Main meal:

Two incredible Southern dishes for your main meal (my pleasure!). Now one is made with Catfish but I’m sure you can use a substitute if you’re far away from a pool/river/ocean full of those funny little fish. Our recipe is Classic Fried Catfish from My Recipes.

Image: My Recipes

Image: My Recipes

And our second main dish is a delicious favourite from the Mississippi region… Southern Coleslaw from Deep South Mag.

Mud trivia:

  • Budget – $10 million
  • Writer (and Director), Jeff Nicols started writing this movie when he was in college in the nineties and he always imagined McConaughey would play Mud! Say it with me… “Dream come true!”
  • 400 Arkansas locals were roped in to be extras in the film!
  • It took eight weeks to shoot the film! Pretty quick, right?


You cannot watch this film without eating this amazing  Mississippi Mud Cake from Southern Living. With marshmallows, pecans and delicious chocolate. Is your mouth watering? I love dessert!

Share your favourite Southern / Huckleberry Finn recipes!

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