Wall Street film paired with pretty awesome 80s food

Starring Michael Douglas, Charlie Sheen & Daryl Hannah

Rating 7/10


– Ambitious junior stockbroker, Bud Fox (Sheen) has dollar signs in his eyes. But he doesn’t want to wait around to earn them, he wants to make them happen as soon as possible.
– He admires corporate wheeler and dealer, Gordon Gecko (Douglas) who is at the top of his game in New York City. After plenty of requests, Fox eventually gets a meeting with Gecko who challenges him to tell him something he doesn’t know… financially, that is.
– Meanwhile, Bud’s father, Carl (Sheen’s real dad, Martin Sheen) is a foreman for the airline, Bluestar. He lets Bud in on some inside info that Fox then shares with Gecko (illegally, that is!)
– So Gecko becomes Bud’s biggest client and he tests him with some serious cash which Bud tries to invest with honest info but ends in disaster.
– Gecko isn’t happy and almost gives Bud the flick but Bud, being Bud, talks him out of it and embraces a new illegal way of doing business which makes Gecko pretty happy.
– Bud then plays spy, following a CEO (Terrence Stamp) around to get more inside tips, which he does and the rich old Gecko gets richer, as does Bud.
– So rich in fact that he can afford a big penthouse and a fancy girlfriend, Darien (Daryl Hannah). He also gets promoted at work for bringing in such a big client with awesome results.
– But things get tricky when Bud suggests that Gecko buys the airline his dad works for and does a little renovating on it. But when Gecko seals the deal, Bud realises that his plan is actually to tear it apart, meaning his dad (and others) will lose their jobs.
– Bud gets pretty angry, especially after dear dad has a heart attack, and plans his revenge on the mighty Gecko, with devastating results.
– There’s drama, humiliation and revenge! But I’ll leave the ending for you to watch and enjoy!


Lovebirds, Bud and Darien enjoyed a fancy (for the 80s) meal of retro classics you simply MUST try! We’re starting with the classic Spinach and Feta Turnovers from Taste.com.au .


Don’t ya love 80s movies?! The hair, the music, the super-old computers?! I do. It’s great to see Charlie Sheen before (or during) his drug fuelled life. Although I adore his dad Martin Sheen and think he’s a top actor, I realised watching this film that Charlie Sheen may just be a pretty face. Although I thought he was pretty hot to trot in the 90s I’ve got to be honest and say, the fella can’t really act. All through this movie, I thought he was joking, it was pretty skin-deep and I kept remembering him in Hot Shots! Ah yes, he suits comedy much more than drama.

The movie overall was pretty riveting. It’s no Wolf of Wall Street, I imagine it’s pretty tame compared to that gnarly movie. Michael Douglas is incredible as the pretty evil, horrible Gordon Gecko and I actually loved seeing Daryl Hannah again. Yes, she may seem flighty and such but I kinda like her.

Then there’s the fun music, hair, computers, furniture (just what was Daryl Hannah’s character on with all that weird interior design crappola?) Compared to modern movies, it could have been a lot more disturbing and in a way I was relieved that it wasn’t. I like a bit of fluff now and then.

It’s one of those movies you just have to see. It embodies the 80s decadence, immorality and selfishness. The storyline is intriguing and it’s set in New York City which is beautiful and terrible at the same time. It’s a movie that’s worth your while so check it out.

Main meal:

Ok, on to the mains. And this is something our clever couple cooked up themselves. Or rather, something like it! They made their own homemade spaghetti and so shall we. Here’s a great recipe to try: Homemade Spaghetti with Shallots, Sage, Lemons & Anchovies from Lemon and Anchovies.

Wall Street trivia:

  • Budget – $15 million
  • Charlie Sheen had the choice of who was going to play his dad, so he chose his dad.
  • Tom Cruise really really wanted the Bud Fox role but it had already gone to Charlie Sheen.
  • Actress, Sean Young, who played Gecko’s wife kept telling director Oliver Stone that Daryl Hannah was wrong for the role, telling him she would do it better. But the funny lady kept turning up late on set and unprepared, so she really had no leg to stand on.
  • Hannah won a Razzie for her performance!? Really? I thought she was great.
  • This was one of Michael Douglas’ breakout films. He was better known as a producer at the time.
  • Hannah has never seen the film. She didn’t have a great experience with Oliver Stone, calling him a misogynist.
  • Richard Gere and Warren Beatty were in line for the role of Gordon Gecko.
  • Oliver Stone can be seen in the montage section of the film where deals are being made. Did you spot him?


Oh yes and what could end a fabbo meal off better than ice cream? And what screams NEW YORK louder than New York Cheese Cake? Oh, it’s all too perfect. It’s the very delicious New York Cheesecake Ice Cream from Red Online. Talk about a perfect combo! Brill!


Image: Red Online

What’s your favourite 80’s movie?

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