Rear Window film paired with a delicious comforting menu


Image: Tesco

Starring James Stewart, Grace Kelly & Wendell Corey

Rating 9/10

– It begins with a fabbo title sequence. Window blinds are being opened and then the camera pans to cat little catty outside which gives us viewers a tour of the neighbourhood and finally to our man, the talented photographer, L.B. “Jeff” Jeffries (Stewart).
– He’s stuck in a wheelchair with a broken leg he sustained photographing a race car accident.
– It’s the middle of summer and he has one week to go before he gets his cast off and he’s stuck in his tiny Greenwich Village apartment. His only visitors are his nurse, Stella (Thelma Ritter) and his girly girl and sophisticated socialite, Lisa Fremont (Kelly).
– All the windows of the surrounding apartments are open as everyone tries to deal with the stifling heat. There are all kinds of funny neighbours including Lars Thorwald (Raymond Burr) whose wife is sick and in bed.
– One night our fella, Jeff, hears screaming and glass breaking, but thinks very little of it so falls asleep in his chair. He wakes in the middle of the night to see Thorwald with a briefcase heading out into the rainy night, suspiciously. Jeff notices that their blinds are now down and keeps watching Lars make trip after trip with this ‘work’ briefcase.
– Jeff tells Lisa about it and they start bonding over the mystery of the possible murder. L.B calls his detective friend who poo-poos his ideas.
– Jeff keeps watching and one night Lisa and Stella join him. They check out the garden where another neighbour’s dog (now dead) had been digging, to no avail. So silly Lisa breaks into Lars’ apartment where he busts her. Jeff freaks out and calls the police. Drama, drama, drama!
– I won’t tell you what happens cos it rocks!


So what do you eat while you’re perving on the neighbours, leg in plaster, nothing to do? Well good old nurse Stella made Jeffy a pretty hearty meal of bacon and eggs. So here’s my take on that comfy meal… A Two Bite Breakfast: Bacon & Eggs in Toast Cups from The Noshery.


I’ve had a little teeny weeny break from this blog so it’s great to be back. And this is a great film to start back with. I’ve seen it before, but not for ages and this time it didn’t disappoint.

I love the way Hitchcock shoots his films. He truly was the king of suspense. There’s music in the film but not much. Most of it is provided by the songwriter neighbour tinkering on his piano, so it’s very natural and fitting. The first scene is brilliant with the blinds going up and the way he introduces Jeff without words is impressive. It just flows.

Stewart is a master actor. He really carries this film, he had to really. It’s such an intense role and played beautifully. It’s almost like watching a play because it all happens in the one place. Kelly was also incredible. Very natural, beautiful and deep. Not at all shallow as some of her fellow actors were at that time – no melodrama here.

The ending is exciting, thrilling and fully tense, man! This really is storytelling at its best. The drama happens and then its over and so is the film. No fluff, no fillers, just an incredible build-up to a fabbo ending! Check it out why don’t you!

Main meal:

Oh Lisa, she’s so stylish and rich and cool. So she gets her favourite restaurant to cater for her poor boyfriend in his little apartment. What else would you eat with your beloved but Lobster?! Nothing, I tells ya! Here’s the recipe… Grilled Lobster with Garlic -Parsley Butter recipe from Saveur.


Image: Saveur

Rear Window trivia:

  • Budget – $1 million (bargain!)
  • On the set, 8 apartments out of 31 were actually fully furnished.
  • This film was only re-released in 1984 because Hitchcock bought the rights to this one and five others to provide for his daughter. Nice idea Hitchy but crap for us movie buffs!
  • It was filmed in one month
  • Hitchcock only worked in the main apartment (Jeff’s). He communicated to the other actors through flesh coloured ear pieces.
  • The character of Lisa was loosely based on Grace Kelly.
  • Hitchcock always makes a cameo appearance in his movies, usually near the beginning. This time he can be seen winding a clock in one of the apartments.
  • The songwriter neighbour is played by the inventor of Alvin and the Chipmunks, real-life songwriter, Ross Bagdassarian.


Drum roll please… brrrrrlbrrlbbrll (that’s a drum roll). Our sweet for this post had to be something boozy. The Rear Window characters loved their wine and, especially, their brandy and brandy loves dessert. Make this one… Cherry Brandy and Chocolate Mousse recipe from Tesco.


Image: Tesco

And that’s another film and food combo for you to try! Have you actually tried one? I’d love to know how it felt/worked out! Thanks for reading! You rock!!!

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