All the President’s Men film paired with serious dishes

Starring Robert Redford, Dustin Hoffman & Jason Robards Jr.

Rating 9/10


– This film is based on the true story of the Watergate scandal from the perspective of the two Washington Post journalists who broke the story.
– It begins at the Watergate building with the ‘burglars’ breaking in and being busted. They’re taken to court where journalist, Bob Woodward (Redford) is covering the story. When he finds out that one of them is ex-CIA his brain gets humming, he takes down some curious notes and takes them back to his editor.
– Bob and Carl Bernstein (Hoffman) get put on the story and things start looking a bit strange. So they dig deeper. They give their editor more info but he’s not happy, he wants more. So they dig deeper and deeper.
– Bob goes almost straight to the source with his contact, code named Deep Throat, a senior government official (Hal Holbrook) who meets him in an underground carpark  where he tells Bob to “follow the money”, which he does.
– The two journos discover thousands of dollars used to pay the burglars, originating from Nixon’s re-election committee. Suss, huh!?
– Then they find a slush fund attached to the White House Chief of Staff Halderman and former Attorney General. The story is published but the White House denies it all and the editor is not happy, not happy at all, he wants more proof.
– Bob then meets Deep Throat again who tells him everything and the walls come tumbling down!


So our starter today is a bit of a strange one but I have a really good reason to include it. President Nixon love cottage cheese, strange old man. But it’s true and apparently this dish was his last presidential meal before he resigned. Think on that while you eat it! It’s Pineapple Chunks with Cottage Cheese from .




This is an incredible film, which is why it’s on my Top 100 movies list. The story is riveting and the acting is natural and perfect. Redford and Hoffman are a brilliant combination. They are possibly two of the best actors of the century, if not of all time. Their authenticity of character draws you in deeper to the story. The entire cast is brilliant actually with Hal Holbrook and Jason Robards bringing up the rear. Keep your eye out for the much younger Meredith Baxter (from Family Ties) and Stephen Collins (from 7th Heaven).

I loved the 70s outfits, hairstyles and the Washington Post office itself. The bright colours of the furniture… so cool. Music is minimal to increase the tension while making it feel real. The opening scene is brilliant and unsettling. I jumped out of my skin. But my favourite scene would have to be the one in the library. The fellas are looking through the library cards as the camera pans up and up and up and up, until they are barely visible. Very clever.

A lot of the best films of all time have been based on true stories. This one is no different. As an Aussie I’d heard about Watergate of course but I didn’t know all the details of the fraudulent activity of the President. It must have been such a shock to the American people who revere their President a lot more than we do our Prime Minister. This makes for a very exciting, dramatic story and it has been so well told by director, Allan J.Pakula. It’s a true classic, one you simply cannot miss.

Main meal:

One of the things you’ll notice about this movie is all the cigarette smoking, especially from Hoffman’s character, Bernstein. So I thought, smoke, food, smoke, food! Ah, yes! Smoked trout of course. No idea how to smoke a trout? No worries, here’s how to do it as well as a few yummy recipes to try like Smoked Trout, Potato and Preserved Lemon Salad from Gourmet Traveller. Give it a go!

All the President’s Men trivia:

  • Budget – $8.5 million
  • The real ‘Deep Throat’, W. Mark Felt came forward and admitted this only in 2005. Pretty exciting stuff. At the time he was Deputy Director of the FBI.
  • The real security guard who discovered the break in at Watergate plays himself in this film!
  • One of the reasons why the dialogue seems so natural is that Redford and Hoffman memorised each other’s lines as well as their own so they could interrupt each other like in real life. Love these guys.
  • The use of the violent typewriter at the start was designed to echo the idea throughout the film that words can be weapons. The sounds for the typewriter was a combination of gunshots, a whip-lashes recorded over the sound of the real thing.
  • Everything in the film is true and had been verified from a variety of sources.
  • The boss of the Washington Post at the time the film was made was apprehensive about the filmmakers using the name of the paper but she later praised the production.
  • The newsroom was actually a set that cost around $450,000 to make. The desks were sourced from the same company that the Washington Post used. They tried to shoot the film in the actual Washington Post newsroom but the journalists kept ‘acting’, putting on make-up and being annoying so they had the set built.


Another vice of every journalist, newsman and, well, heck anyone with the need to stay awake while consuming something hot and yummy, is coffee! But we’re not just making coffee! We’re making these amazing Coffee Cake Donuts from Offbeat & Inspired! Gotta try these.

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