2014 Best Animation Oscar nominees paired with kids’ snacks

Animation has always been a part of my life. My brother is an animator and my husband is an animator and my kids, well, they love having a go. It takes such a loooooong time to animate even the shortest of clips so I have loads of admiration for animators with their patience, attention to detail and well, patience. So let’s celebrate the BEST animated films of the year wiht some yummy movie snacks kids always go crazy for.

2014 Best Animation Oscar nominees paired with kids’ snacks

The Croods

Starring the voice talents of Emma Stone, Nicolas Cage and Ryan Reynolds, this funny film tells the story of a family of cave people way back in the stone age. Their world is changing, literally crumbling under their feet and this crazy family of cavies have to escape, but how? Enter Guy (Reynolds)! He’s discovered fire and invented things that help the family to safety but not after a few close calls. This is a great movie. One of my favourite and a real chance to take out the Oscar. Have you seen it?

Despicable Me 2

Generally speaking, sequels are duds. But not this one. Former baddie, Gru (Steve Carrell)  is back but this time he’s a happy chappy with his role as dad of three super-cute orphans: Margo, Edith and Agnes. But a secret government agency, via agent Lucy Wilde (Kristen Wiig) has recruited Gru to track down an evil genius who has stolen a serum that turns good things into hideous monsters. They go undercover fall in love, while the minions get stolen and turned into purple killers. It’s a really funny, fun, sweet movie with a fabbo sound track and, yep, it could also win the top gong.

Snack 1:

Hmmm what do little (and big) kids love to eat while at the movies? Popcorn you say? Chocolate stuff? Yep! How about a combination! Let’s do it with this amazing Salted Caramel and Chocolate Popcorn Balls recipe from She Knows’ Chef Mom.

Ernest & Celestine

This is a French/Belgian film about an orphan mouse, Celestine who is destined to become a dentist, although she dreams of being an illustrator. All her life she’s been told that bears are evil, stories that she never really believed. To become a dentist she has to go out of the safety of her home to get baby bears’ lost teeth but when she does she is chased and ends up in a bin. It’s here she meets a homeless bear called Ernest and despite all the scary stories, they become good friends.


This must be the favourite for the Oscar. Critics and audiences alike have raved about this one. It’s all about two princess sisters, Elsa (Idina Menzel) and Anna (Kristen Bell). Elsa can freeze stuff with her powers which kinda freak her out so she locks herself away until the day of her coronation. But things go to crappo when her powers go crazy and Elsa escapes to the mountains. There’s a few princes/fellas too who help/hinder the girls and a cutie patootie snowman called Olaf. It’s an exciting adventure film and a little different to what you’d expect from the usual Hollywood animations. Check out my full review here… Frozen film paired with fun frosty food families will love.

Snack 2:

You can’t have a true movie experience without ice cream, so let’s get all ice cream crazy and make these Classic Ice Cream Sandwiches (recipe from Smitten Kitchen).

The Wind Rises

I love Japanese animation. It’s so true to its own style, it hasn’t succumbed to the American-style of animated films…yippeee! It’s based on a Manga comic created by the writer/director of this film. This movie mixes history with heart. It’s all about a young boy whose only dream is to fly/design planes but there’s a problem. He’s nearsighted which means no flying for him. His career takes him to an impressive engineering company where he becomes a star, becoming a world famous designer of airplanes. Take a look…

Snack 3:

And finally, if you’re belly isn’t bulging too much (just loosen your belt a little and you’ll be right) we’re having Homemade Churros from Annie’s Eats. YUM!

Share your favourite movie snack recipe with us!

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