Eat Pray Love film matched with an exotic menu

Image: Ikea

Image: Ikea

Starring Julia Roberts, Javier Bardem & Billy Crudup

Rating 8/10

– Elizabeth Gilbert (Roberts) is a successful writer living in New York City with her less-than-successful husband, Steven (Crudup). While he tries to decide what to do with his life career-wise, Elizabeth gradually realises how unhappy they are in their marriage and decides to end it.
– Lost and unsure of who she really is, Liz starts dating a young actor, David (James Franco). This relationship makes her feel even more lost and confused so she decides to set out across the world in search of ‘God’, meaning and who she really is.
– Her first stop is Italy! She meets up with a group of like-minded people who also help to broaden her horizons. She learns Italian, eats loads of food and makes lovely friends. But before too long she’s off again, this time to India.
– It’s here that she tries to track down David’s guru, who isn’t home but she stays in the Ashram where she learns how to serve, how to be still and quiet and how to meditate. More friendships are built and revelations are had!
– Last destination is a familiar one. At the start of the movie, Elizabeth is in Bali where she meets a medicine man who reads her palm and tells her fortune. So she returns to Bali, to the man and to a quiet, beautiful life.
– Her solitude is interrupted by a Brazilian man who runs her off the road (accidentally). His name is Felipe (Bardem). He’s handsome, honest and in love with Lizzie and before too long she’s head over heels. But she’s scared and kinda ruins it before making it all better.


There’s a scene in Italy where Lizzie orders for her friends in Italian, clever woman. So our starters are as close as I could get to those that she ordered on the fun-filled night in the piazza. Viva Italia! Enjoy.

1. Artichoke alla giuda from Susan Eats London.

2. Prosciutto with Melon recipe from Weekly Greens.

3. Eggplant with ricotta affumicata from


It took me a few years to see this film. I thought it was going to be an account of a pretty selfish woman who ditched her husband to find herself. And to a point you could see this movie/story in that light. But she was married to a pretty selfish husband who loved her but not enough to pour himself into their marriage and life. He was too focussed on himself. So, judgements aside, this movie was quite entertaining.

I loved the scenes in Italy, the sense of community, the scenery, the food. Now that’s my kinda place. India? Not so much. While it’s great that she found peace through meditation and stuff, it’s really not my thing at all but the characters she met along the way were lovely. Finally Bali was great, seeing her fall in love, then freak out, then reclaim her love! Awww.

This is a kinda fluffy movie. It’s Hollywood, people. Julia Roberts is great in the main role and all performances are solid but it’s no Oscar winner, it’s entertainment. And while yes, it’s moving and a little deep, it’s also basically a road movie, which is fun in itself. It mixes the exotic with the universal struggle that is relationships. Something we can all relate to I’m sure.

Mail meal:

We’re moving on from Italy to India! The flavours of these two countries are quite different, so you may need to suck on a lemon or something to cleanse your palate before you make this… Lamb Korma recipe from (of all places) Ikea!


Image: Ikea

Eat, Pray, Love trivia:

  • Budget – $60 million
  • When the movie was sent to theatres, it was named ‘The Guest House’ to keep the real title a secret.
  • Roberts said she’d only film on location in Bali if she could bring her family. What a good mumma.
  • Apparently, in the novel, Mr Spaghetti followed the football team, SS Lazio but in the movie this was changed to AS Rome because it was more well known. The Lazio fans took offence to this while the Rome fans giggled.
  • Roberts wanted to do this film after her buddy, Oprah, gave the novel a rave review.


Now to Bali where we have a lot of sweets to choose from, but they’re not your average chocolate/fruity type of dessert that you may be used to. So just like Elizabeth, be brave and try something new. This is Cassava Cake with Grated Coconut from Indo Chine Kitchen.

What’s the most exotic food you’ve ever tried?

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