Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa movie paired with fun food

Starring Steve Coogan, Colm Meaney & Felicity Montagu

Rating 7/10


– Ageing disc jockey, Alan Partridge (Coogan) is working up a storm at his local radio station. But a storm is brewing because the company has been sold off to a multinational corporation who has big plans to ‘youth’ up the station.
– Alan isn’t worried but his co-jockey, Pat Farrell (Meaney) is peeing his pants, he’s so worried and so is the rest of the staff. So they ask the cool and calm Alan to go up to the big wigs’ meeting and ask them about their plans.
– He enters the meeting with good intentions to save everyone’s job even Pat’s but when he finds out that they’re going to choose between him and Pat, Alan writes on a large piece of paper that they should JUST SACK PAT!
– So they do and then they have their launch party. Alan brings his assistant, Lyn (Montagu) as his ‘date’ while he flirts with the other women in the office.
– He escorts Lyn outside as she leaves. Meanwhile, Pat returns with a shotgun and takes hostages. He shoots at Alan who runs out to the Police station and reports all he knows.
– The cops recruit him to go undercover, sort of, so they can communicate with Pat. So he does and all seems fine, except for the dude wrapped in gaffer tape and a shotgun at his head and a group of freaked out employees.
– The siege gets national attention that Alan starts lapping up. His ego gets out of control as hostages are released, attacked and eventually Pat kidnaps Alan.
– He initially thinks that Alan has joined him on his side but then he sees a photo of Alan’s sign saying to fire Pat. Alan realises this and escapes the van.
– But Pat finds him and things get dangerous and funny!


Nothing says ‘launch party’ like a whole heap of yummy canapes, so that’s where we’re starting. Get yourself in the party mood just like Alan with these Savoury Party Bites recipes from BBC Food.


Image: BBC Food


I don’t laugh out loud a lot but I did in this film. You have to pay attention but there are heaps of hilarious and sometimes very subtle jokes, one liners that are just SO Alan Partridge. But this doesn’t feel like a movie, it’s more like a very long TV episode but it’s so entertaining who cares!?

Coogan is so funny as the daggy oldish Partridge. He’s loveable and awful at the same time especially to his long-suffering assistant, Lyn. She looked amazing with her makeover, by the way.

This is a pretty tame, funny movie. It’s no Oscar winner but it’s so worth watching. I want to see it again to enjoy another bout of laughing. Fun, fun, fun! Check out the trailer right here…

Main meal:

So this next recipe isn’t quite “Partridge pie with peas” as Alan describes but it’s close. So let’s get cooking… It’s Old-Fashioned Pheasant Pie with Lemon and Thyme Stuffing Balls recipe from Delicious Magazine.

Alan Partidge: Alpha Papa trivia:

  • Budget – over $6 million AUD
  • Yep, that’s all the trivia I have for you!


One of the most dramatic scenes in the film is the pizza scene where the cops smuggle in a taser. What will happen? You’ll just have to watch it! But in the spirit of this film and that exciting scene we’re making dessert pizza! Nom, nom. This one is Cherry Cobbler Pizza from Craft Foxes.

Have you discovered Alan Partridge? Check out his TV episodes too. So funny.

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