The Way We Were film matched with a moreish meal

Starring Barbara Streisand, Robert Redford & Patrick O’Neal

Rating 7/10


– Katie Morosky (Streisand) is a smart, passionate woman desperately in love with her polar opposite, Hubbell Gardiner (Redford). He has no opinions, no passion and is a great writer but doesn’t work hard on anything to get anywhere but is one of those annoying people who finds success anyway.
– They first meet in college where Katie fights for the cause of Marxist Jews, while Hubbell woos the ladies. As you do… in college. Hubbell gets drunk and passes out in Katie’s bed where they snuggle and stuff.
– Fast-forward to the end of World War II. Katie has a job at a radio station while Hubbell has been off traipsing around the South Pacific in the Navy. They reconnect and start ‘seeing’ each other and eventually get married.
– But trouble brews when their two worlds collide and Katie gets upset by Hubbell’s insensitive friends who make inappropriate jokes that everyone except Katie finds funny.
– They break up and then get back together again, moving to Los Angeles where Hub has a job as a screenwriter, lazy bum.
– They get rich and hang out with movie-type people and Katie gets pregnant. Meanwhile the Hollywood Blacklist is being written which reignites the Katie’s political passions.
– Hubbell gets sick of this and reunites with college girlfriend, Carol Ann. So the end is in sight with Hubbell getting sick of his wife’s passionate stuff and Katie tired of Hubbell’s lack of zeal.
– She has a baby girl without Hubbell and time goes by. Years later they run into each other on the streets of NYC with Katie still involved in political shenanigans and Hubbell still chasing the superficial things in life.


When Hubbell stays at Katie’s house the first time, she bribes him not to run away by offering him a home-cooked meal including this delicious dish (or something like it)… Mini Jacket Potatoes with Sour Cream and Chives from BBC Good Food.


Oh what a sad old tale this is! Not very Hollywood (as we know it now anyway). Streisand is amazing as the super-passionate Katie and Redford plays Hubbell beautifully (and looks great too!) This movie is such an emotional roller coaster but, really, you could tell the relationship was doomed from the beginning. They were just too different and I guess that’s the whole point of the movie. They had a very short golden time before everything went pear-shaped.

If you’re after a fluffy Friday/Saturday night movie this is not it. If you’re after a deeper movie with perve factor with Redford then you may like it. But it is a tad depressing and sad and not satisfying really at all. I felt so sad for their poor daughter who never had the chance to get to know her dad but maybe that’s just what they did in those days.

The music is great with Streisand herself singing the title song, very 70’s! Love the fashion and the style of this movie.

With super-strong performances from Streisand and Redford, it’s no wonder this is such a famous classic but it’s not happy or life-affirming. So hang in there and enjoy (if you can) the emotional depth. Here’s the trailer…

Main meal:

It seems, our Katie loves to cook and another dish she tempts Hubbell with is a homey Pot Roast. So let’s make it too! Here’s a recipe: Barefood Contessa Company Pot Roast from Leite’s Culinaria.

The Way We Were trivia:

  • Budget $15 million
  • This was the first film James Woods appeared in.
  • Warren Beatty turned down the role of Hubbell and Ryan O’Neal was second in line after Redford.
  • Writer of this film, Arthur Laurents based the character of Katie on someone he met at college who arranged protests and rallies and left an indelible mark on Laurents… obviously.
  • Laurents eventually left the film, unhappy with director, Sydney Pollack’s vision/script for the movie. Pollack wanted Hubbell to have an equal role to Katie whereas Laurents wanted her to be the star.
  • Pollack eventually apologised to Laurents, agreeing that the film wasn’t as good as it could have been.


And to finish off, Katie offered the drooling Hubbell a homemade pie. Whoever said ‘a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’ was right on the money! Katie snared him didn’t she? We’re making Peach Lattice Pie from Fork Spoon Knife.

Which Robert Redford movie do you love the most?

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