Three Dollars movie matched with tasty soulful food

Starring David Wenham, Frances O’Connor & Sarah Wynter

Rating 7/10


– Eddie (Wenham) is a Chemical Engineer working for the Australian government as a land assessor.
– His wife is Tanya (O’Connor) a super-smart academic, working mother who is slowly losing the plot. They have a young daughter, Abby (Joanna Hunt-Prokhovnik) who gets really sick and experiences the terror of convulsions.
– His wife’s friend comes to stay with them and Eddie and her share a brief kiss.
– There are flashbacks and reflections about his ‘relationship’ with childhood friend, Amanda who he sees every 9 and 1/2 years, at pivotal and not so pivotal times of his life.
– While this is all going on, he works on a new job assessing land owned by Amanda’s dad – a super-rich jerk who has chemicals dumped on his land. Eddie’s report doesn’t go down very well with his boss and he eventually loses his job, unfortunately after his wife is dismissed.
– With his wife suffering depression, Eddie just can’t bring himself to tell her that they’re down to their last $3. So he goes out with a homeless man he’s befriended and starts digging through bins for food, or for ways to con people into giving him food. It’s a slap in the face, a moment of humiliation.
– Then he helps out another homeless friend who is being bashed almost to death and Eddie gets pretty badly beaten up. This is when he realises that even though he only has $3 to his name, he is still rich. He has his beautiful wife and daughter and, as he says, they’ll be OK.


There’s a scene in this movie where Tanya freaks out that Eddie has bought Edam cheese, because it’s expensive and they’re on a budget. Well, blow the budget! Let’s have some luxurious cheese and down our sorrows and our $$ in quality dairy delights with Herb-Marinated Wisconsin (or whatever) Edam from Wisconsin Cheese Talk.


Oh Australian movies! There’s something about them that I both love and hate. This one is on the side of love…just! They can be so depressing, melancholy and raw – which is a nice change from the Hollywood fluff. But once in a while, I just want a fluffy, happy ending from an Aussie movie!

The thing I loved about this movie is that it feels real and having been through a similar experience to these guys, it hit a raw nerve. But a good one. Should movies be a place of escape or one where you face your demons? I’m not sure. But this movie was quality except for one particular thing… or should I say actor!

Wenham is great and so is O’Connor but what the heck, Sarah Wynter! Her performance was plastic, fake, irritating and B-grade. I’m sorry but it was. I’ve done acting classes and I’m telling you, my teacher would have blasted her. He was famous for saying “If you don’t feel it, I don’t want to see it”. Basically, feel it, live it, don’t fake it. Argh!

Anyhoo, Wenham carried her a bit and the movie was still great. The daughter was a great little actor and the story, solid and very moving. But it was typically Australian and I just can’t fathom why our country keeps making such depressing films. But don’t give up on Aussie movies. There are some amazing ones out there. And this one is pretty good. Check it out for yourself.

Main meal:

When Eddie meets Nick (the homeless man with the dog) he’s carrying some take-away curry home to his family. Curry is the perfect comfort food isn’t it? Well, poor Eddie and Tanya need all the comfort they can get. So dig into a bowl of this yumminess for them… It’s Easy Thai Peanut Chicken Curry from Food For My Family.

Three Dollars trivia:

  • If you’re a fan of Hitchcock movies you’ll notice the reference in the movie to the crop dusting scene in  North By Northwest (check out my review of that great film here...)
  • Yep that’s about all the trivia that’s out there for this little Aussie battler, unless you have some tidbits of your own?!


Now for a cheap but cheerful sweet to put a bit of joy into this lovely Aussie family. So we’re making Canned Peaches with Anzac Crumble from .

What’s your favourite Australian movie/star?

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