Jobs film paired with rainbows, burritos and apples


Image: Makezine

Starring Ashton Kutcher, Dermot Mulroney & Josh Gad

Rating 8/10


– It begins with an older Steve Jobs (Kutcher) announcing the new and exciting iPod to super-excited crowd. Then we go back, back to where it all began.
– 1974 and Steve is in Reed College… or not! He kinda dropped out. On the recommendation of a hot chick, Steve takes calligraphy classes. Then he and his buddy, Daniel (Lukas Haas) head to India to do get in touch with their spiritual side with the help of LSD.
– 1976 and Steve is still living at home with his adoptive parents in California. He works for Atari in the valley where he and his pal, Steve Wozniak (Gad) form a partnership. When Woz tells him he’s built a personal computer, Jobs gets excited and they start building a whole heap of them in Jobs’ garage.
– They sell the first lot to a computer store and create Apple computers. After a few hundred failed phone calls to raise more capital for the company, he finally gets a bite when Mike Markkula (Mulroney) puts up a whole heap of cash.
– 1977: Apple grows and the Apple II is created and shown off at the West Coast Computer Faire and the company really takes off.
– He finds out that his girlfriend, Chris-Anne (Ahna O’Reilly) is pregnant so he dumps her, refusing to believe it’s his baby.
– Jobs hires John Sculley (Matthew Modine) to be CEO of Apple but Jobs starts getting a tad crazy, ending up with a transfer to the Macintosh department.
– 1985 and Jobs is fired, let go, forced out by Apple, the company he helped to create.
– Flash-forward to 1996, eleven years after his ousting and he’s married with kids and running his own computer company, NeXT.
– Apple buys it and slowly but surely Jobs is ushered back to his home ground  to reinvent Apple, to make it what he wanted it to be in the first place.


Jobs was a kind of hippy which flowed on to his design of all his Apple products including that cool rainbow coloured Apple logo! So we’re starting in a hippy, rainbow, Apple computers kinda way with Rainbow Pudding from Makezine.


Image: Makezine


Now I must admit I’m not the biggest Ashton Kutcher fan. And at the start of the movie I thought he was a bit crap but I’ve got to say, that he’s a grower. He was actually pretty good in the end. I guess I’m used to seeing him in comedy shows or silliness, so it was hard to take him seriously. But I did!

This is not super-action-packed but it is intriguing. I could hardly drag my eyes from the screen. Jobs was such a fascinating man but I had no idea he was so awful to the people around him, especially his daughter and other women. But he was a genius, you can’t deny that and he made and kinda broke Apple over and over again. In the end he built the most amazing company with unique products, I personally love.

It was amazing how close the actors resembled the real people. It was well acted by all involved. It was a little slow but I just love true stories and this man was so incredibly famous, I loved finding out what he was ‘really’ like. Or was he? Who knows?

This movie is entertaining, fascinating and enthralling. You’ll enjoy the story, the characters and the man! Even though he could be a bit of a nasty fella.

Check it out…

Main meal:

Steve was always surrounded by geeks – the smartest most successful men around (generally speaking). And one of a geek’s favourite food (as illustrated by Woz in the movie) is Burritos! Yum. Let’s get cooking with this delicious recipe for Mexican Steak Burritos from BBC Food.


Image: BBC Food

Jobs trivia:

  • Budget – $12 million
  • Apparently a few days before shooting began, Kutcher was hospitalised with Pancreatitis. He had put himself on a fruitarian diet like Jobs’!
  • In nearly all the scenes of Jobs’ parents home and garage featured the real home in California. How cool is that?
  • Apple had no involvement in this film.
  • The film covers the years from 1971-2000
  • Atari co-founder, Nolan Bushnell can be seen sitting on the table with the Apple bigwigs as they watch the famous commercial .
  • The real Daniel Kottke can be seen at the computer faire when Jobs walks towards the fancy Apple booth.


Guess what’s for dessert? Apples! As Jobs was apparently a fruitarian who named his super-successful company after an apple, I thought this would be more than appropriate! So to finish things off we’re making Delightfully Baked Apples from Yummly.


Image: Yummly

Have you ever tried a crazy strict diet?

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