Walking with Dinosaurs movie matched with prehistoric food

Starring John Leguizamo, Justin Long & Tiya Sircar

Rating 7/10


–  It all begins with people. A Paleontologist and his niece and nephew are out in the Alaskan wilderness looking for fossils. The young man nephew isn’t keen but his uncle gives him a genuine dinosaur tooth anyway and  the others go off to dig at a site.
– A random black bird, Alex (Leguizamo)  perches nearby and starts talking, yes talking to him about the history of that particular tooth. Then the bird transforms into a prehistoric bird and the story of these certain dinosaurs begins.
– We’re introduced to the runt of the litter, a dinosaur (a Pachyrhinosaurus) called Patchi (Long) who is being fed grass stuff vomited by his dear mother. He gets attacked by a weird bird and a whole is punctured in his horn section.
– When he grows up a bit he sees a beautiful Pachyrhinosaurus from another tribe called Juniper (Sircar) who he falls deeply in love with. Awww.
– Then the cold weather starts to close in and the tribes head south for the winter. But when they reach the forest disaster strikes and Patchi is left alone with his uncle and brother, Scowler (Skyler Stone). He meets up with Juniper and they become firm friends.
– We watch them all grow, get attacked by random dinosaurs, survive, meet some funny crabs, laugh at Alex’s quips and then meet the grown up Patchi as Scowler takes over the head of the tribe… badly.
– When Patchi saves the tribe by going against his brother, all hell breaks loose and he starts giving up on life. But then he remembers his love for Juniper and gets a second wind!


If you’ve seen this movie, you’ll remember there’s not that much food going around. But remember when little Patchi is in his nest and his mum delivers his dinner… from her stomach… and it’s green? Well it made me think of juice…So let’s throw out the gross imagery and make something healthy and delicious instead. It’s wheat grass juice called Electrozyme Juice from The Raw Chef.


The start of this movie is lame. There’s no two ways about it. Firstly they really didn’t need the story about the lame bored nephew and his lame uncle. The dinosaur story is way better and really didn’t need the padding.

Now on to the good stuff. The dinosaur section was fantastic. There are so many laughs thanks to that funny bird, Alex. The characters are loveable and there’s so much action it really keeps you on the edge of your seat. One of my favourite scenes was the aerial view of Patchi’s fellow dinosaurs migrating together. It was so powerful seeing all these creatures walking together.

The animation is brilliant. My son and I soon forgot that it was animated, it was that good. Patchi is loveable and it’s great to follow his journey from the runt of the litter to strong leader dinosaur. The ending goes back to the people so it’s a bit naff but the rest of the movie saves it all. So it’s not a 10/10 film but pretty enjoyable if you have a kid to go with. We saw the 2D movie so I can’t vouch for the 3D version but it’s a bit different from other kids’ films which is good and bad. It’s very educational without being preachy but it doesn’t have the magical imaginative vibe of a Disney/Pixar movie. So don’t expect it. Enjoy!

Main meal:

One of my favourite scenes is the crabs on the beach where Alex the bird mocks their weirdness. Ah yes. And then those flying dinosaurs come and eat them yummo! Let’s eat crab too. It’s Chilli Crab from Taste.com.au . Looks delicious. I’ve never cooked crab before, have you?

Walking with Dinosaurs trivia:

  • Budget – $80 million
  • This is one of the first movies to show dinosaurs with feathers as it was only discovered in the 90s that some of them did!
  • 14 years ago, the animation director also worked on the original Walking with Dinosaurs documentary.
  • Now not all the dinosaurs were depicted accurately because some evidence came to light only days before the movie’s premier. So if you’re a dinosaur nut and you recognise some inconsistencies with fact, then remember, this is a movie, half fictional, half not, so just enjoy it for what it is.
  • The movie was apparently supposed to have very little dialogue, with the dinosaurs not speaking at all but according to some, the film executives demanded that voice overs had to narrate and drive the story.
  • I didn’t mind them actually…


Ok, for dessert I was thinking. This movie has it all; fire, ice, fire, ice, Alaska… oh Bombe Alaska! Brilliant idea, right? So here it is. Our tribute to this movie in dessert form… Here is a yummy recipe from Chopin and My Saucepan.

What’s your favourite dinosaur movie?

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