Annie film paired with a random international menu

Starring Albert Finney, Carol Burnett & Aileen Quinn

Rating 9/10


– It’s 1933 and little orphan Annie (Quinn) lives in a horrible orphanage ran by the equally awful drunk house mother, Agatha Hannigan (Burnett).
– She thinks her parents just left her there and carries around a broken locket, believing her parents have the other half. They don’t. They have passed away (pause for a moment of sadness).
– One day Annie runs away and befriends a poor old dog, Sandy, on the rough streets of New York City before being sent back to the orphanage.
– When she gets back, she runs into Grace Farrell (Ann Reinking), secretary to rich tycoon, Oliver Warbucks (Finney) who is looking to take in a red headed orphan for the week. She takes Annie!
– When she arrives at the mansion, Annie meets the bodyguards, Punjab (Geoffrey Holder) (and this is where the racial stereotyping goes in to overdrive… he’s Indian) and The Asp (Roger Minami) (who is Asian). Everyone grows to love Annie but Warbucks is upset that Grace failed to get a boy (cue Anne of Green Gables reference).
– Back at the orphanage, Mrs Hannigan’s evil brother, Rooster (Tim Curry) and girlfriend, Lily (Bernadette Peters) come for a visit.
– And at the mansion, Annie starts warming the cockles of Warbucks’ heart. Awww. And Sandy the dog saves the rich fella from an assassin, so he rewards the two orphaned creatures with a trip to the movies.
– Grace convinces Oliver to adopt Annie and he visits Mrs Hannigan to tell her so but she tries to seduce him, finally signing Annie over. But when Annie is told of this she is sad cos she really wants to find her parents.
– So good old Warbucks starts a nation-wide search for Annie’s parents including a sizeable reward which catches the evil eyes of Rooster, Lily and Mrs Hannigan. The latter finds Annie’s parents’ locket in an envelope and tricks Warbucks in handing Annie over.
– But the clever orphans get wind of this and run to the mansion just as Annie is taken. She escapes, the Warbucks group is told of it and race after her and when she is finally rescued she moves back in with the gang in the mansion. Yay!


I’ve chosen a random menu because there are so many diverse characters in this film! So we’re visiting New York City, China and India all in the one meal. Are you ready? We’re starting in Asia with these tasty Twice-cooked honey and five spice chicken wonton cups from .


I love and loathe musicals. Mostly love but I hate when musicals stuff it up. When they’re too cutesy and unbelievable and way too many boring songs. But Annie was a lovely surprise. It had a little of the cutesy but it was heartwarming and life-affirming. Good versus evil, good kicking evil’s butt! Yay.

Quinn played the part beautifully without over-acting, over-singing, she was simply sweet and innocent. Finney is great as usual with his raspy, deep voice – a little cranky with humour and, eventually warmth.

The songs are fun, familiar and sung from the heart! Burnett played the horrible Mrs Hannigan beautifully, with Curry and Peters adding a touch of fun and humour and funny stuff to boot! It’s a great ensemble cast. The orphans are beautiful with their singing and the constant “Oh my goodness!” coming out all the time. So innocent, so hard done by but boy can they sing!

One of the most surprising scenes was the chase between Annie and Rooster near the end.  I was on the edge of my seat (lounge) with my stubby little fingernails shoved tightly between my teeth. Was she going to fall? Was he going to fall? Was he going to push her off? Nooooo! Not little orphan Annie. But, I kinda knew, in the back of my mind, that musicals end with a bit of a great, happy song, so it had to work out, right? Yep, it did! Go Annie!

Main meal:

To honour the awesome Punjab who saved dear Annie’s life, we’re heading to India with this tasty classic, Murgh Makhanwala (Butter Chicken) from Saveur.


Image: Saveur

Annie trivia:

  • Budget – $50 million
  • Drew Barrymore was considered for the main role, while Bette Midler was offered the role of Mrs Hannigan but said no!
  • A bit of goss… Steve Martin was to play Rooster but he was in the middle of breaking up with Bernadette Peters, so it would have been awkward!
  • The film is based on a comic by Harold Gray that appeared in the Chicago Tribune. He originally wrote Annie as a boy called Otto.
  • The production designer died while the film was being shot…
  • Quinn was 10 years old when she starred in this! Cutie.
  • Superstar singer, Martika is one of the orphans dancing in the film.


And so, like the movie, we’re finishing off this with something super-sweet and American. It’s Chocolate Caramel Liege Waffles (YUM) from Bakingdom. Oh my goodness. Grab a fork, a spork, a spoon or a shovel and get it into your mouth. Yumsie.


Image: Bakingdom

Are you a selective fan of musicals like me or are you sold out for them! What’s your fave?

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