The Desolation of Smaug film paired with Hobbit-y dishes

Starring Ian McKellen, Martin Freeman & Evangeline Lilly

Rating 8/10


– It starts with a flashback with Gandalf (McKellen) meeting Thorin (Richard Armitage) in the Prancing Pony. He convinces the Dwarf king to steal the Arkenstone back from the dreaded dragon Smaug (Benedict Cumberbatch) so the dwarves can be a united people once more.
– Forward flash (or whatever)… It’s one year later and Thorin, Bilbo (Freeman) and the gang are being chased by Orcs and a crazed bear. They run towards a home that actually belongs to the bear who changes into a weird person, Beorn (Mikael Persbrandt).
– The company heads to Mirkwood where Gandalf leaves them to do stuff and the others walk in only to be captured in epic webs by epic spiders. Eeek!
– But elves come to their rescue and cut them loose with the help of Bilbo and his precious ring. But, twist time, the elves actually put the dwarves into jail. Elvin lovely lady, Tauriel (Lilly) starts falling in love with a dwarf.  Then Bilbo breaks them out but the orcs chase them but the elves chase the orcs, slaying them using their bows, arrows, knives and awesome feats of leaping and stuff.
– Meanwhile Gandalf finds himself at a weird castle place where he tries to make the evil presence show itself, which it does with devastating results.
– The dwarves and 1 hobbit meet a man called Bard (Luke Evans) who sneaks them into Lake-town, the last stop before reaching the mountain. They hide in smelly fish-filled barrels and eventually they’re found out by the awful king who actually supports their quest.
– Up the mountain they go (it’s a long movie, hang in there). But they can’t work out where to put the blessed key. But eventually, clever old Bilbo works it out and he goes after the Arkenstone.
– It’s here he meets the dragon Smaug and yes wakes him up and has a scary conversation with him. Eventually the dwarves join him and they try to outwit the fierce dragon but he escapes, with his eyes set on Lake-town. Da, da, daaaaa!


Oooo what to eat?! I actually watched this movie in Gold Class cinema and ate nachos and chicken pizza but that’s not very Hobbit-ish is it? No! So I’m rebelling against myself and recommending serving the following to start… Spiders!!!! like this yummy Lime Spider from .

And what goes better with spiders than… (drum roll please) Edible Glowing Spiderwebs from Fun At Home with Kids! These look a-maz-ing!


Now I’ve gotta start this review by telling you I haven’t read the book, because according to my sister-in-law it does matter if you have or haven’t. The main reason for this is that apparently the filmmakers didn’t follow the book’s plot, exactly! Eek!

So my non-reader review goes like this. This movie is everything you expect from a Lord of the Rings/Hobbit movie. It’s packed full of action, amazing chase/fight scenes and loads of orcs heads being chopped off. It’s pretty scary. I’m scared of the orcs, there, I admitted it! They’re ugly and fierce and monster-man-like.

In the first movie, I wasn’t exactly loving Freeman’s depiction of Bilbo. I know him too well as the funny nerd from The Office tv show. But he’s grown on me and while he’s no Orlando Bloom or Elijah Wood, he’s kinda cute and wide eyed and stuff. It was great to see Bloom back as Legolas with the feisty Tauriel. They kick butt in the best way! They never miss. Cool stuff.

This is a well made movie but it is very much the same as the others which is kinda cool if you liked them and I did. But don’t expect too much because it’s a part of the journey. It doesn’t end cleanly but, like the second Lord of the Rings movie, it leaves you hanging. So enjoy the ride!

Main meal:

The dwarves were in barrels filled with fish, so to celebrate their bravery and super-strong stomachs we’re making this yummy whole fish. It’s Grilled Whole Fish with Chili Soy Dipping Sauce from Steamy Kitchen. Yummo.

The Desolation of Smaug trivia:

  • Budget – $225 million
  • Director Peter Jackson can be seen eating a carrot at the start in Bree.
  • Bloom is actually older than his screen dad, Lee Pace.
  • The daughters of Bard are actually sisters. And their dad is James Nesbitt who plays Bofur.
  • Tauriel was created for the movie to bring some female bad-ass-ness
  • Old Bilbo spoke about Lake-town to Frodo in the first Lord of the Rings movie when they’re at Rivendell.
  • Peter Jackson’s daughter plays the barmaid/waitress in the Prancing Pony.


And then there was Smaug and that huge haul of treasure, mostly gold coins, right? So that’s what we’re making! Edible, yummy, amazing gold coins, otherwise known as Homemade Hanukkah Gelt from Oh Nuts!


Image: Oh Nuts!

Are you a fan of these movies or have you had enough?

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