The Hunger Games movie matched with film-inspired food

Starring Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson & Liam Hemsworth

Rating 10/10

– Katniss Everdeen (Lawrence) is a bit of a rebellious teenager. Her dad died in the mines, her mum is a bit loopy and so she is the one who mainly looks out for her little sister, Prim (Willow Shields).
– Naughty Katniss escapes the depression of her poverty-stricken home town to hunt with good pal and handsome dude, Gale (Hemsworth). Sigh.
– Oh, did I mention she lives in the futuristic nation of Panem. This crazy place is divided into 12 districts and one Capitol. Each year two teenagers (a boy and girl) from each district compete in the Hunger Games. Basically they have to fight each other to the death! Eek! Hang in there.
– The reaping is where they pick out names for the newest ‘tributes’ and guess whose name gets pulled out? Prim’s! Katniss is shocked and volunteers in her place. A boy called Peeta (Hutcherson) also gets chosen and off they go to the Capitol.
– It is here they meet their primping teams and all-important mentor, Haymitch (Woody Harrelson) and get ready to take on the other tributes.
– Eventually the day rocks around and they find themselves in the arena. Katniss heads for the forest like Haymitch advised while Peeta heads to the Cornucopia to get bags of stuff or weapons or something.
– Then it’s on! Kids get killed, Katniss gets stalked by the super-strong ‘careers’ including, surprise, surprise, Peeta!
– Then there’s a rule change and Peeta and Katniss team up for a while and ‘pretend’ they’re in love so they get presents from sponsors.
– As tributes drop off, the odds improve for the two from 12 but a last minute twist has long-lasting consequences for them both.


So much fun! Let’s eat Hunger Games-style why don’t we?! We’re starting with a simple dish inspired by Prim and her precious goat. It’s Lavender Goat Cheese Spread with crusty bread from The Fresh Exchange.


I loved reading the books and simply ate up this movie! It was awesome to see the characters come to life and it was pretty darn good, pretty close to the original novel. Lawrence is Katniss. Brilliant casting here. Although I wasn’t initially sold on Hutcherson as Peeta, he grew on me. Ooo. Can’t wait to see the next umpteen movies.

There was so much to jam into one movie from the first book that the actual Hunger Games part seemed quite short. It felt like ages while I was reading it! I almost jumped up and down, scanning the pages to see what was going to happen. In all the excitement of the actual Hunger Games, let’s not forget the family and friends at home. One word… Gale! Oh my! He’s a spunk. There was a little more chemistry in the book but Hemsworth looks and kinda acts just like I envisaged Gale looking and acting!

District 12 is fabbo and Prim is just as I pictured her but the character of Haymitch was a little more reserved in the film. He was a lot less likeable in the book, I can tell you! And if you haven’t read the books then do it! They’re awesome. I loved this film, it was like a extension of the books, bringing everything I had imagined to life and it didn’t disappoint. A keeper for sure!

Main meal:

Remember Katniss’ favourite food in the arena? It’s Lamb Stew with Dried Plums from Paleo Spirit. It was her favourite food that she couldn’t get enough of. Enjoy!

The Hunger Games trivia:

  • Budget – $78 million
  • Lawrence was paid $500,000 for the first film and a whopping $10 million for the second. Talk about a pay rise!
  • In a moment of ‘fun’, Lawrence accidentally kicked Hutcherson in the head and knocked him out. Oops.
  • The name Panem comes from ‘Bread and Circuses’ – a reference to the Roman Empire where they used death games in the colosseum to entertain their people. Sound familiar?
  • Jennifer Lawrence and Lenny Kravitz’s daughter are good friends.
  • Hemsworth and Lawrence had to dye their hair brown for the film, while Hutcherson had to dye his brown hair blonde.
  • Lawrence wasn’t sure if she should take the role due to the popularity of the books. She knew it would change her life. She was used to working on indie films. I like that! Kinda humble and mature for her age.
  • District 12 was modelled on the Depression era and the reaping scene has 1940s features including a retro microphone and red birds of prey from the Third Reich.


Now, Katniss’ awesome act of rebellion has to be celebrated! And what better way than to eat it for dessert!? So let’s make Nightlock berry sweets in the form of Blueberry-Blackberry Cupcake with Blueberry Cream Cheese Frosting from The Little Epicurean. It even has beautiful flowers like Katniss laid on Rue. Awww.

Are you as addicted as I am? Stay tuned for my review of the 2nd movie! Ooooo eeeeee!

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