Point Break film paired with totally awesome recipes, dude!

Starring Patrick Swayze, Keanu Reeves & Gary Busey

Rating 9/10


– Ex-quarterback and young FBI agent, Johnny Utah (Reeves) has teamed up with oldie but goodie, Angelo Pappas (Busey) to catch a group of bank robbers who dress up as ex-presidents of the U.S.A.
– They figure out that the thieves are a bunch of surfers so Johnny goes undercover as a new surfer to find out exactly who they are.
– He befriends/be-boyfriends, surfer chic, Tyler (Lori Petty) who introduces him to her gang of surfer-dudes led by guru, Bodhi (Swayze).
– Eventually he figures out that Bodhi and his pals are actually the ex-presidents and starts trailing them. Pappas and Johnny bust them robbing yet another bank and our ex-football dude chases Bodhi through houses, backyards and eventually down the bank of an aqueduct where he hurts his knee again. Although he has a clear shot of Bodhi, Johnny deliberately misses reflecting his growing conflict between his job and his affection for the fellas.
– Party time! Bodhi and his bodacious buddies sit around a campfire talking about their illegal activities. They realise that Johnny is an FBI agent and most call for him to go down! But Bodhi sees it as just another cool challenge and dude-naps Johnny the next day, taking him on the last robbery of the summer season. One of his scary friends has captured Tyler and is holding her hostage so that Johnny will do what they tell him to do.
– Things go a bit pear-shaped when Bodhi tells his men to go to the vault which they never do! Shots are fired, people die and Johnny almost gets arrested.
– Johnny and Pappas head to the airport to stop the robbers from escaping but things get hectic again and Johnny is bundled on the plane with Bodhi and another fella.
– They jump and Tyler is rescued but Bodhi escapes.
– Nine months on, Johnny finds Bodhi in Australia, searching for the ultimate wave! The cops swarm the beach, Johnny threatens to arrest Bodhi but he has other plans.


When Johnny chats up Tyler for the first time, he find her in a surfboard rental/takeaway food shop where he orders shrimp (or prawns) and chips (or fries). So guess what our starter will be? That’s right! Fried Shrimp from Paula Deen.


Image: Paula Deen


This is a classic. I’d love to see it through the eyes of a thirty-something-year-old instead of being stuck watching it through the filter of having seen it a hundred times. But it is great! Keanu’s acting is so-so but he’s Keanu dude! Wasn’t he cute back then? Sigh. Time has not been good to him!

Gary Busey is great! He’s perfect as the sorta rebellious, rough cop with attitude. He’s fearless but he’s got a good heart, don’t you think?! The star of the movie has to be Patrick Swayze with that long blonde hair and those wild eyes. It’s so sad he’s gone. He was such a great actor/dancer/singer and, apparently, surfer dude!

The setting is super-fun! I always wonder what really goes on in those surfing communities, what it’s really like. And I’m not saying it’s realistic but it’s fun! Lori Petty is sassy and spirited with her jet black hair and bright blue eyes! There’s action, comedy, surfing and buff fellas and chicks. Oh and there’s a bit of mystery and a few little twists. It’s a fun, action movie everyone will love.

Main meal:

Remember when Pappas and Johnny are on stakeout? Pappas sends the J-star out to get them a healthy (NOT!) lunch of meatball sandwiches! Yumsie. Here’s a great recipe to make while you salivate over Keanu (or NOT!?). It’s Turkey Meatball Garlic Bread Heroes from Gourmet.com .

Point Break trivia:

  • Budget – $24 million
  • Matthew Broderick, Johnny Depp and Charlie Sheen were considered for the role of Johnny Utah.
  • Swayze could actually skydive and did most of the stunts himself.
  • Keanu Reeves had to learn to surf for this movie but still loves catching a tube, hanging 10 and all that jazz to this day.
  • Directed by Oscar-award-winning director, Kathryn Bigelow.
  • The reference to ‘Patrick’s Roadhouse’ was a bit of a tongue in cheek dig at Patrick Swayze who starred in Roadhouse. 
  • Like Johnny, Keanu was pursuing a sporting career (in hockey) when he suffered a knee injury.
  • James Cameron and Kathryn Bigelow polished the final version of the script together!


Oranges! California, oranges! There’s a quote in this movie about oranges but no direct eating of dessert so, let’s go all Californian and make/eat this delicious Blood Orange Sorbet from Leite’s Culinaria. Sweeeet!

Do ya love Keanu or di-love the dude? Me? I like him! Like a cute puppy with floppy ears.

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