Frozen film paired with fun frosty food families will love


Image: Pure Ella

Starring Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel & Jonathan Groff

Rating 8/10


– Little Princess Elsa (Menzel) has been blessed/cursed with being able to turn stuff into ice. But one fateful day Elsa accidentally hurts her little sister, Anna (Bell) who nearly dies. So the Royal family take Anna to see the rock people; trolls who have the power to heal such injuries, unless her heart is hurt which it isn’t so, yay!
– Meanwhile, the son of an ice picker, Kristoff (Groff) witnesses the whole scene which is important for later on…
– Once the girls get home, Elsa is taken away from her little sister and spends the next ten or so years locked up in her room while her powers grow. Anna can’t understand why her big sis has abandoned her… she has no memory of her powers.
– Then the inevitable happens; their parents die and Elsa is left in charge. Her coronation day approaches and the castle gets ready to open up and say “Aaah!”
– Dignitaries come from near and far to pay tribute  to the new queen and find out why the royal family has been so secretive.
– Anna dreams of a ‘true love’ and before she knows it she meets him… Prince Hans (Santino Fontana) is his name and he’s cute, fun and a little quirky like herself. They become engaged and tell Elsa at her after-party but she refuses to bless the marriage.

– Her emotions make her powers visible and she sends the kingdom into an eternal winter while she escapes to the mountains. Anna goes after her and leaves Prince Hans in charge.
– Anna meets a manly Kristoff and his trusty reindeer, Sven, while Elsa makes her very own ice castle on the tallest mountain.
– Anna, Kristoff and Sven set off to find Elsa but, instead, run into a very cute snowman called Olaf (Josh Gad) who offers to show them the way to the ice castle.
– Anna confronts Elsa who accidentally ice-whips her little sister in the heart but then deliberately makes a huge snowman bodyguard to kick them out.
– Anna starts getting sick and Kristoff takes her to his ‘family’, the trolls who tell them that only true love can heal her heart. Awww.
– Hans leads a group up to find Elsa and eventually captures her, taking her back home as a prisoner. Kristoff valiantly rushes Anna back home to her ‘true love’ and I won’t spoil anything by giving away the ending, but it’s good!!!

Snack 1:

This icy movie demands some icy, snowy snacks to get all over your face! Treats that are sweet, fun and white, just like the movie. So to start us off, let’s go icy cold with this Easy Homemade Slushee Recipe from Love From the Oven.


Before I watched this movie, I was told it was the best Disney flick in a long time, if not ever! So my expectations were high. And while it’s a great, fun, Disney-ish movie, I cannot say it’s the best EVER! I mean, there’s a lot of great movies to choose from. I much preferred Tangled, to be honest.

But this is a fun movie all the family can enjoy together as I did with my little crew. The boys weren’t as excited about it as the girls because the main characters are ladies… who sing… a lot! The songs are pretty great, typically Disney. Perhaps a little daggy for movie-savvy nine-year-olds but the girls loved it all!

The best thing about this film is the twists. You think you know what’s going to happen, who’s the baddie, the goodie, the handsome hero and the perfect princess, but you may be wrong, or right. You won’t know until the last few scenes, will you!? No!

It’s great to hear Kirsten Bell in animation, she’s got a perfect voice/personality for it! The animation is flawless, really beautiful and the story is good although not as tight as my beloved Tangled. I must say the star is Olaf, the little snowman with the big heart and the best lines of the film. He really saved it.

Overall it’s a fun movie that is worth a trip to the cinema but you won’t miss out on anything if you wait for its DVD release. Enjoy!

Snack 2:

From an icy kinda snack to a powdery/snowy kinda treat. It’s the type that will get all around your mouth and you will bless its little cotton socks, because these look amazing. You can make a kid-friendly version or an adults-only treat to please everyone in your family. Here it is… Amaretto Snowballs from Pure Ella.


Image: Pure Ella

Frozen trivia:

  • Budget – $150 million
  • Oooo did you see Rapunzel and Flynn from Tangled in the scene where they open the gates for the first time? She has brown short hair. Check it out if you haven’t seen it yet.
  • The names Hans and Anna are after super-famous fairytale writer, Hans Christian Andersen.
  • Director Jennifer Lee is the first woman to direct a full length animation (what the…?!)
  • Based on the Hans Christian Andersen story, The Snow Queen.
  • A snuggly Mickey Mouse toy can be seen on one of the shelves in the Trading Post shop.

Snack 3:

Now if you loved Olaf as much as I did, then you’ll love eating him! Really! Check out these awesome cookies from Lizy B Bakes. There’s no recipe but I’m sure you can whip up a batch of vanilla biscuits and cut out a few shapes and pop on some icing yourself, because you’re so damn clever! Here’s the link – Olaf The Snowman Cookies.

What would you eat while watching this frosty movie?

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