The Santa Clause films paired with Christmas Eve snacks

Starring Tim Allen, Judge Reinhold & Elizabeth Mitchell

Rating 7/10


The Santa Clause
– In this first movie, Scott Calvin (Allen) accidentally kills Santa and picks up the suit, becoming the man in red himself. His son, Charlie (Eric Lloyd) convinces Scott to just go with it as his body starts morphing into Santa’s.
– Scott and Charlie end up in the North Pole where head elf, Bernard (David Krumholtz) explains what the Santa clause is. Scott heads home back to his normal life but his transformation continues.
– Due to Scott’s weird, Santa-ish behaviour, he loses visitation rights to his son as well as his job. His ex-wife (Wendy Crewson) and her new hubby (Reinhold) start worrying that Scott has finally lost the plot.
– When Charlie disappears, they assume Scott has kidnapped him and call the cops who arrest Santa-Scott. Then he’s rescued by E.L.F.S and he takes flight, surprising all the Santa-doubters in the neighbourhood.

The Santa Clause 2: The Mrs Clause

– Eight years later, Scott is now fully Santa Clause but then Bernard finds out that there’s another clause in the fine, fine, fine print – Santa has to find a wife within eight years or he stops being Santa. Time is ticking so he goes back home to visit the now troubled teenage son, Charlie and meets the beautiful but strict Principal Carol Newman (Mitchell).
– Santa’s fill in while he’s away is a toy version of himself who starts going a bit crazy. He makes toy soldiers to help him overthrow the North Pole and give kids coal for presents instead of toys.
– Scott starts shrinking in size and losing his Santa appearance as he gets to know the principal and eventually falls in love. Awww. He eventually takes her back to the North Pole where they overthrow the toys. He proposes, gets married in the nick of time and saves Christmas and becomes Santa again.

The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause

– Mrs Clause is pregnant! Yay! But she’s missing her parents so Santa invites them to the North Pole with his ex-wife and hubby and little Lucy.
– The council of Legendary Figures arrive as well as the evil Jack Frost (Martin Short). He’s a jealous sort of fella, sad that he doesn’t have a special holiday dedicated to Frosty-ness.
– Santa Scott shares that he’s finding it hard not to tell his in-laws that he’s Santa so Jack volunteers to help him make the North Pole look Canadian to fool them. Jack decides to try and trick Santa into renouncing his ‘throne’ with a magical snow globe that will take him back in time to undo the past.
– Instead of Scott picking up Santa’s suit, Jack does and becomes a terrible Santa. He starts ramping up the commercialisation of Christmas and Scott goes back to his old job and a love-less life without Carol.
– Sad old Scott returns to the now awful North Pole where he confronts Jack and gets back to the past again where he once again becomes Santa.

Santa snack 1:

To celebrate these three Santa-y movies, we’re making the big fella’s favourite snacks. The kind of food you’d imagine Santa gulping down after he’s delivered presents. What do you leave out for Santa? Here’s the perfect cup of Santa’s Favourite Peppermint Hot Chocolate recipe from




These films are fun fluff for all the family. Tim Allen is pretty cool, first as a Santa doubter then as Santa himself. Kids will love the fake-looking reindeer puppet-things and the fun North Pole, while adults will love the romance and slight depth of Scott’s story.

Each movie is slightly different – a great balance. You always want to see the same characters in a series of movies but you don’t want it to be same old, same old. Don’t go in expecting it to be up there with It’s a Wonderful Life or Miracle on 34th Street. These movies are classics but fluffy classics.

Check them out…

Santa snack 2:

Oh how Santa loves his cookies with milky drinks or, if he’s nearly finished his run, beer. So, for the dear fellow, let’s make some of these yummy Santa Hat Peppermint Sugar Cookies from Living Locurto.

The Santa Clause trivia:

  • Santa Clause movies’ combined budget: $99 million
  • Santa Clause 1:
  • Elves are seen throughout the movie in both worlds. Watch out for them!
  • There are references about Allen’s TV show, Home Improvement, Miracle on 34th Street and James Bond.
  • Chevy Chase turned down the role of Scott because he had a scheduling conflict.
  • Santa Clause 2:
  • Santa’s first date wears a knitted jumper that has Tim Allen’s face on it.
  • More references to Home Improvement and Toy Story.
  • Mickey Mouse is hidden in Santa’s room.
  • Santa Clause 3:
  • A sign in the toy factory reads: “378 years without an accident”.
  • References to Nightmare Before Christmas
  • This was Peter Boyle’s last film (also starred in Everybody Loves Raymond)

Santa snack 3:

Now we can’t forget the beautiful reindeers. They need sustenance too! And I’m sure some of them require a very special diet, so we’re making them all Gluten Free Reindeer Food from Betty Crocker. You might like to try some too!

Do you love watching a fluffy movie in the lead up to Christmas? Which film/s?

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