The Nativity Story movie matched with traditional dishes

Starring Keisha Castle-Hughes, Shohreh Aghdashloo & Oscar Isaac

Rating 8/10

– It all begins with drama, drama, drama… when King Herod massacres every child under two-years-old. Then the plot moves backward, showing what happened to cause this horrible King to order this devastating decree.
– Young lady Mary (Castle-Hughes) is engaged to Joseph (Isaac). But when an angel of God tells her she has been impregnated by the Holy Spirit, things get crazy. The angel also tells her that her ‘old’ cousin, Elizabeth (Aghdashloo) is pregnant, which in her mind is pretty impossible.
– So off Mary goes to visit Liz and finds that she is in fact pregnant and that she already knows what’s happened to Mary before she tells her.
– After John the Baptist is born to Elizabeth and Zachariah, Mary returns home and shows off (or not) her bulging belly. Joseph freaks out but is then visited by an angel himself who tells him what the go is.
– Then Caesar Augustus makes everyone return to their town of birth to be counted and so Mary and Joseph hop on a donkey and start their loooong journey (about 110 km) to Bethlehem, which in turn fulfils a prophesy about where the saviour would be born. Neat!
– After about four weeks they arrive but there’s nowhere to stay and Mary has gone into labour. Eventually they find a stable where Mary gives birth to a boy, Jesus!
– Meanwhile, the ‘wise’ men or Magi all follow an unusual star. First they visit King Herod and tell him about the prophesy about the child king and Herod gets nervous. Then the magi follow star once again which hovers over the town of Bethlehem, signifying the birthplace of the saviour.
– They meet the new little king and give him gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. They avoid telling Herod about where the baby has been born and find a different escape route.
– When Herod finds out they have tricked him, he orders every baby boy under two-years-old to be slaughtered.
– But Mary, Joseph and Jesus flee over the border to Egypt.


Let’s go all Biblical and eat some yummy Jewish food to go with this epic story. We’re starting with Chicken Liver Mousse from Simply Delicious. Give it a go!


Everything about this movie screams ‘AUTHENTIC’. Mary actually was a young girl and Castle-Hughes plays her perfectly, while Joseph looks Jewish… Hooray! No more blonde haired depictions of Middle Eastern peeps! Awesome.

The angel scenes are a little different to other versions I’ve seen and I like them. It’s a kind of modern take on the Biblical story without losing the all-important authenticity or sense of historical correctness. Performances by all are excellent, you actually get so mesmerised by everything going on that you forget they’re actors. Truly!

The shepherds look authentic (yep, it’s my word of the day). They were some of the most despised people in Biblical times and they look scruffy, dirty and unloved – just as I pictured them. Not the kind of fellas you want visiting a baby but, as Mary says “He is for ALL mankind” from the lowest of the low to the highest kings, like the Magi. What a brilliant story.

I love the kind of stylised scene when the Wise men arrive. It’s like out of a classic picture or book. Beautiful, special. The music is haunting and exciting. This is a great film for Christmas. Kind of different from the showy, sugary Santa flicks. It’s a great opportunity to sit back and reflect on the true meaning of Christmas.

Main meal:

Another traditional Jewish dish is a bit of a strange one. I’ve never heard of it but it looks quite delicious actually. It’s a yummy Hamin recipe from Joy of Kosher.

The Nativity Story trivia:

  • Budget – $35 million
  • The actors were taught how to build houses, make bread, squish grapes and olives and other handy skills from 2000 years ago.
  • This was the first movie to have its premiere at the Vatican!
  • Controversy – During filming, then 16-year-old Castle-Hughes revealed she was pregnant… out of wedlock!


Now, during the Passover festival, tradition dictates that no flour is to be used in cooking. So, for our dessert we’re going fully Gluten-free with this scrumptious sweet – Orange and Almond Cake recipe from SBS Food.


Image: SBS Food

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