Elf movie matched with super-sweet sugary elvish food

Starring Will Ferrell, Bob Newhart & Zooey Deschanel

Rating 9/10


– One Christmas Eve, baby Buddy crawls into Santa’s sack while he’s delivering presents to Buddy’s orphanage.
– Santa’s little stowaway is instantly loved and welcomed at the North Pole and Buddy is taken in by  Papa Elf (Bob Newhart), an older fella who was too busy climbing the elven career ladder to stop and have kiddies of his own. When he’s a full grown man, Buddy (Ferrell) realises that he’s a human and heads to New York to find his real and ‘naughty’ dad  (James Caan).
– The naive Buddy lands in New York with a cultural ‘thud’. When his real dad finds out he has a son… who is an Elf, comedy ensues. But it’s not all fun and games here.
– Meanwhile, Buddy meets a beautiful elfin girl, Jovie (Deschanel) who he falls for and she, eventually, falls for him. Awww.
– The drama builds when Santa gets in trouble and the only fella who can help him out is our Buddy. Action stations!

Snack 1:

So, hold on to your hats, because you’re about to embark on a sweet journey and when I say sweet, I mean sugary. Buddy’s favourite ingredient, taste etc was sugar! So let’s get sugary! Now although Buddy ate spaghetti with maple syrup, I couldn’t find a fabbo enough recipe (funny that). So this dish is the closest I could get to maple-y spaghetti. It’s Spaghetti Gelato from Bell’alimento.


It may not have won any respectable awards, but when it comes to Christmas movies, this gets my top gong, two thumbs up and a toe!

This is Will Ferrell at his best. Part child, part man, part elf, Ferrell plays Buddy, a human raised by North Pole Elves.

This is a clever, funny, poignant film. Ferrell plays it perfectly. Zooey Deschanel provides a lovely, soft presence as Buddy’s love interest. It’s light, fluffy, funny and Christmassy. It’s even slightly ok for the kids to watch (except for a few slightly naughty words thrown in here and there).

There is a message about looking at the world through the eyes of a child, even one that is fully grown. It is about taking joy in the little things and seeing the good in others. So embrace your inner elf and get all Christmassy!

Merry Christmas to all my readers and thanks for sharing your film passion with me this year! More food and film combos to come…

Snack 2:

Another Buddy-fave would have to be candy canes. So let’s give this recipe a go! It’s not quite candy canes as you know them (teeth-breakingly crunchy) but they look just as yummy. They are Meringue Candy Canes from Betty Crocker.

Elf trivia:

  • Budget – $33 million
  • In a reference to Miracle on 34th Street, the filmmakers used the outside of Macy’s and changed it to the now defunct Gimbels store.
  • When Ferrell walked through the Lincoln tunnel wearing his elf costume, he caused some minor accidents.
  • Ferrell had constant headaches during filming because he actually had to eat what Buddy ate… loads of SUGAR!
  • The cotton balls that Buddy ate were actually cotton candy balls.
  • The ‘nice’ list that Santa shows Michael has the names of people who actually worked on the film.
  • Jim Carrey was in the running for the role of Buddy.
  • This awesome film was made into a musical that ran in 2010-2011 on Broadway.
  • Director, Jon Favreau plays the doctor and the voice of the narwhal.

Snack 3:

So, according to Buddy, the four main food groups are: candy, candy canes, maple syrup and CANDY CORN! Yes, we’re making Homemade Candy Corn from A Teaspoon and A Pinch. These look so authentic and apparently they’re not too tricky to make. Bonus!

Do you have a sweet tooth like Buddy?

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