How the Grinch Stole Christmas film paired with Whobilation food

Starring Jim Carrey, Taylor Momsen & Jeffery Tambor

Rating 8/10

– Whoville; Christmas. The whole town looks like Santa has thrown up … lights, trees, Christmas cheer on every face, except for one. The Grinch’s (Carrey).
– But big old hairy green Grinch doesn’t live in the town so who cares? Cindy Lou (Momsen), that’s who. She runs into the Grinch in her dad’s post office where he wraps her up for Christmas. She sees the good in him and starts interviewing townsfolk to find out why he’s such a grump.
– Flashback to the Grinch’s life that started when he was ‘adopted’ by two oldish women. He went to school with the Mayor (Tambour) and love of his life, Martha May Whovier (Christine Baranski). When he suffers a humiliating moment at the hands of future Mayor, The Grinch swears off Christmas for good and banishes himself to a cave in the weird mountain out of town.
– When Cindy Lou learns the Grinch’s mournful tale, she nominates him as the main part of the Whobilation, to the disgust of the Mayor. Then she sends the invitation to The Grinch who eventually accepts his award in person but when the Mayor embarrasses him again, The Grinch goes crazy-mad, burning down the town’s Christmas tree and ranting about their materialism.
– But all his efforts can’t dampen the Whos’ Christmas spirit so then he decides to steal all the food, the presents under the noses of the sleeping Whos. He takes it all up to the mountain on his homemade sleigh and as he’s about to throw it off the edge, he hears singing.
– The Whos have embraced the real spirit of Christmas and despite the loss of everything special, they retain their joy and sing carols.
– The Grinch’s heart starts to beat, he begins to ‘feel’ and discovers Cindy Lou on the top of his sleigh… in danger! He saves her and they slide down the mountain together and become friends with the town. Awww.

Snack 1:

Although it’s not strictly Whobilation food, the Grinch loves nothing more than chewing on a fresh bottle of… well, just the glass actually. So to honour the poor old Grinch, let’s make Sea Glass Candy, Pina Colada Flavored from 1 Fine Cookie.

Meanwhile the Whos were donning their weird Whobilation hats that featured a cup of Eggnog (I assume). So let’s serve up a creamy cup of noggy goodness to go with our glass. Here’s a great Eggnog recipe from Gourmet Traveller.


I’ve gotta say, I love this movie. Every Christmas I sit down with the kidlets and devour it, scene by scene. It’s not a perfect movie but The Grinch is so darn hilarious and loveable. Jim Carrey is crazy-funny, full of energy as the mad old Grinch. There’s really no one like him.

Cindy Lou is cute as a boot – a little sappy with the cutie-pie singing but, Christmas is a bit sappy. Happy-sappy, so you just have to go with it! I love the Whos with their weird noses and OTT town, although the Grinch is kinda right about them with the whole ridiculous competition over lights, decorations and all that. Materialism = bad, Christmas spirit = good. That’s pretty much the crux of the thing. Simple but so true. It’s easy to lose sight of what really matters with all the bright lights, shops and sales, people sales!

I absolutely love Max the dog; the Grinch’s only friend (at the start anyway). Not too sure about Martha, a bit too randy-pants for a kid’s movie. But all in all, it’s a fun old movie that the whole family will love!

Snack 2:

The next recipe is inspired by the Whobilation when The Grinch is forced to judge the pudding competition. So, in the spirit of the Whobilation, we’re making a Christmas Plum Pudding with Creme Anglaise from . Yummo!

How the Grinch Stole Christmas trivia:

  • Budget – $123 million
  • Jim Carrey struggled with the latex makeup that he asked for torture survival tips from a Navy SEAL.
  • At certain moments, you can see the initials, C.H (Clint Howard – one of the actors and the director’s brother), J.C (Jim Carrey) and R.H (Ron Howard) formed in the clouds.
  • Nearly 2000 candy canes were used in the film.
  • Up to 45 makeup artists were used each day.
  • Director Ron Howard once came to work super-early to put on the Grinch outfit and wore it while he worked.
  • Poor Jim. The yellow contact lenses were often so uncomfortable, he couldn’t wear them in the shots and his eyes had to be coloured in post-production.
  • Ron Howard’s dad, wife, daughter and of course brother all had a small-large role in the film.
  • This was the last movie for Josh Ryan Evans who played The Grinch as a kid. He died from a congenital heart condition when he was 20.
  • Ron Howard can be seen as one of the Whos in the crowd when The Grinch is doing his rant.

Snack 3:

The other food forced down the poor Grinch’s throat in the Whobilation was fudge. Now, you really can’t feel bad for the Grinch in this instance, well I can’t because I LOVE fudge! Check out this recipe: Peppermint Fudge from A Spicy Perspective.

Is this movie on your Christmas watch list?

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