Top 10 Christmas kids’ films matched with festive flavours

We’re on the countdown to Christmas 2013 and I’m excited! The house is ready to be decorated and the kids cannot wait to start chewing on their favourite festive food! I’ve set myself a challenge to watch as many Christmas movies before December 25, so to start the ball (or bauble) rolling I’ve written a list, or a couple of lists of top Christmas movies. This time we’re looking at festive flicks for kids with yummy Christmas snacks! Let’s get cracking…

1. The Polar Express

This is one of my family’s favourite Christmas films… obviously. It’s a bit strange but very festive. A boy, who no longer believes in Santa, wakes up to the sound of a steam train. He hops on this mysterious Polar Express and meets a group of kids all still in their PJs and head to the North Pole where they meet Santa. Friendships are formed, a weird ghost man helps boy out and the Christmas spirit is revived in the boy! A magical movie.

2. Elf

Oh Elf, how do I love thee. This funny and only slightly adult Chrissy movie is laugh out loud hilarious. Will Ferrell stars as the adorable Buddy the Elf, a human brought up by Santa and the elves in the North Pole. When Buddy finds out he’s not actually an over-sized elf, he heads to New York City to find his real dad with mixed results. A very funny movie the whole family will love.

Snack 1:

Christmas can be so full of sweets, just check out the rest of the awesome snacks I’ve found. So, to start on on a savoury note, make these cute Babybel Cheese Santas from Cute Food For Kids for your hungry tribe.

3. The Grinch Who Stole Christmas

This is one of my personal favourites, although it has taken my son years to be able to watch it and not have nightmares. Jim Carrey plays the lonely, grumpy Grinch who seeks to take revenge on the happy Who’s in Whoville by stealing all their Christmas presents. But a little girl called Cindy Lou (Taylor Momsen) helps everyone embrace the Christmas spirit again… even the grumpy old Grinch! Go Cindy Lou! Check out my full review here: How the Grinch Stole Christmas film paired with Whobilation food.

4. Miracle on 34th Street

This movie is a must-see Christmas classic. Old man Kris Kringle gets upset when he sees that the Santa in Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade is drunk so he complains. Then the Macy’s people offer him a job as Santa in their New York store. He thrives on it and the customers’ loyalty grows as he recommends other stores to them – they just love his honesty. But some at Macy’s think he’s a bit crazy as he starts claiming he’s the real Santa… is he?

Snack 2:

What is a kid’s Christmas feast without gingerbread? Nothing, I tell you! So, check out this awesome page for gingerbread inspiration. There’s heaps of great ideas to make incredible presents or snacks for friends and family. It’s Christmas Cookies Galore from Glorious Treats.

5. A Christmas Story

This movie revolves around nine-year-old Ralphie who is desperate to get a Red Ryder BB Gun for Christmas but every time he brings his up he gets shot down (pardon the pun). Even Santa is mean to him. Then he gets into a fight with the local bullies and loses his temper, beating back the bad boys. On Christmas morning, Ralphie is pleasantly surprised with a fabbo present but then things get crazy and they end up having Christmas dinner somewhere a bit strange but fun! Have you seen this? Here’s my comprehensive review: A Christmas Story film paired with festive family food.

6. Arthur Christmas

Enjoy a modern take on Christmas with the super-cool, cute film. Santa’s sons, Arthur (James McAvoy) and older  brother, Steve (Hugh Laurie) are in charge of Christmas Eve and all goes smoothly… almost. Bumbling Arthur discovers that one child has missed out on presents and sets out with his grandpa to deliver her prezzie on time. Fun all round. Check it out.

Snack 3: 

How cute is this? My kids would LOVE to have their own little Santa bod filled with sugary-yumness. And the best bit is that these suits are edible! Win-win. Here’s the amazing Edible Santa Suit Candy Cups recipe from Hungry Happenings. Yum!

7. Muppet Christmas Carol

This freaky old story is told so well by all your favourite Muppet characters. Kermit plays Bob Cratchit, Rizzo plays Charles Dickens and the biggest non-Muppet role (Ebenezer Scrooge) is played by Michael Caine. It’s a kinda fun take on a pretty scary story with a bunch of soft-toy kinda friends to soften the scary bits. But there are ghosts and stuff, so if your kids are a bit sensitive, stick to The Muppet movie!

8. A Christmas Carol

Now if your kids are into scary movies, then this one will freak them out! Can you imagine seeing this in 3D? Well, you can if you like. Ghosts, sad old Scrooge and dark rooms lit only with candles… are you shivering? It’s a great story full of life lessons that reminds us what’s really important. A great thing to be reminded of in the festive season. Watch, if you dare!

Snack 4:

I don’t know about you, but we LOVE mince pies in our house. Although my kids hate sultanas they love these little pies full of the fruity stuff – go figure. So, if your kids are as mince pie-mad as mine, make them these little beauties! They are Super Easy British Mince Pies recipe from Bird’s Party.

9. A Charlie Brown Christmas

Now for something completely different. Charlie Brown is adorable, is he not? This classic kids’ movie will be loved by all the family. It’s funny, sweet and vintage. Bring back pure kids’ entertainment! It talks about the real meaning of Christmas and laments the commercialisation of the festive season. A great reminder.

10. Santa Buddies – The Christmas Story 

Now this isn’t one of my favourite Christmas movies, but kids love it. It must have something to do with super-cute puppies and their cute voices and cute eyes and cuteness and all. Awww. Santa and dog, Santa Paws notice that the magic icicle is melting which means no one on earth really believes anymore. Puppies to the rescue! It’s kinda sweet but in adult terms, kinda lame but I guess that’s why it’s a kids movie and they just love it.

Snack 5:

Our final awesome Christmas snack will cleanse your palate a little from all that sugar. Though it has a little bit of the sweet stuff, it will give you a nice fruity zing to finish off your festive feast. They are these super-cute Santa Strawberries from Just A Pinch. Yum!

Share your family’s favourite Christmas films and food! How fun.

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