Superman movie paired with out of this world recipes

Starring Christopher Reeve, Gene Hackman & Marlon Brando

Rating 8/10

– It all starts on the weird old planet Krypton where little baby Superman is popped in a spacecraft and set out to roam the galaxy on his own while his home explodes. Good times.
– When Superbaby is three he lands in Smallville, an American town in the country and is adopted by Jonathan and Martha Kent.
– Little Super grows into big Super; a teenager who is a bit of a dork even though he’s got super-dooper powers. But when his ‘dad’ dies, Superman hears the call of the green crystals from his spaceship and takes them to a frosty land where the crystals create a ‘Fortress of Solitude’ where he stays for 12 years, learning all he can from his dead father (go figure) and develops his awesome skills.
– He then moves to Metropolis where he becomes Superman (Reeve) in his fancy outfit and Clark Kent at the ‘Daily Planet’.
– Meanwhile, Lex Luthor (Hackman) hides under the subway with his stupid offsider and big boobed girlie girl, plotting the end of the West Coast of America.
– Lois (Margot Kidder), Clark’s favourite lady, gets herself into a world of trouble in a helicopter that threatens to fall off the side of  a ridiculously tall building but Superman comes to the rescue and everyone cheers.
– Lois and Superman take a fly through the sky and he reveal his deepest secrets, his weaknesses to this intrepid reporter who then pops it in the newspaper, which Lex Luthor reads, of course.
– Then Superman rescues Air Force One from crashing… hip, hip… hooray! But Lex Luthor is not happy so he tricks Superman into coming to his evil lair, where the villain reveals he’s hijacked two missiles that he’s aimed at the San Andreas Fault so he can get rid of the West Coast and make his own Luthor Coast = $$$.
– Lex puts a lovely necklace made of Kryptonite around Superman’s neck which makes him weak as a baby but the busty woman helps him out of it and Superman goes after the missiles.
– When Lois dies, Superman breaks the rule of changing history and flies around the world, turning back time so he save the love of his life, then he takes Luthor and his dude to jail. End scene.

Snack 1:

We’re going a bit crazy with the food section of this post because Superman is out of this world, so why not eat ridiculous food to match!? We’re starting with a sneaky alcoholic sweet… Rock Candy Jello Shooters with Midori Melon Sour from Bakers Royale.


This is a classic film. I remember being in awe of it as a kid and you cannot go past Christopher Reeve. He’s the ultimate Superman with those steely blue eyes, jet black hair and square, strong shoulders. As a whole, this movie is OK, it’s no Schindler’s List but it is fun, nostalgic and action-packed.

The special effects are funny, kinda lame but pretty great for the time when you think about it. Gene Hackman is fabulous as usual as Lex Luthor and I really loved the performance by Margot Kidder as Lois Lane. She was a bit OTT but I kinda liked that. It is based on a comic book, so it gets to be a bit dramatic. I loved seeing Marlon Brando in a different type of role – he’s so cool.

My one criticism was the pace. The start is long and slow and there are scenes director, Richard Donner, really didn’t need to include. The Fortress of Solitude scene is one of them – quick and painless please Donner, quick and painless! I love that Superman isn’t too cool, he’s a bit of a nerd and a goodie-two-shoes which is what you want in a ‘hero’.

If you haven’t seen this movie, see it with a ‘grain of salt’. It’s not earth shattering, but it’s a fun adventure movie for the whole family. Check it out!

Snack 2:

This snack is a little strange, but it’s worth a try. I’m sure it tastes delicious. I’m sure any Superman fan (big or small) would gobble it up in no time. Let’s make it, aye!? It’s Superman Bread from Kitchen Overlord.

Superman trivia:

  • Budget – $55 million
  • Reeve based his depiction of Clark Kent on Cary Grant’s character in Bringing Up Baby
  • Marlon Brando didn’t learn his lines for the scene where he puts the baby in the spaceship. He’s actually reading a script on the baby’s nappy. Strange!
  • At first it was thought that Reeve was too young and thin to play Superman but when he auditioned he blew everyone away. Then he started training in body building and bulked up big time! I’m not complaining.
  • Brando sued the producer and Warner Bros because he felt cheated out of the movie’s profits which is why he doesn’t appear in Superman II. But at the time, this film made Brando the highest paid actor in Hollywood. Greedy bugger.
  • Warren Beatty, James Caan, Burt Reynolds, Nick Nolte, Robert Redford and about a million others were considered for Superman! So glad they went with Reeve.
  • Superman and Clark’s hair are parted on different sides.
  • The baby playing Superman was actually a girl called Elizabeth.
  • Director, Richard Donner makes a cameo appearance as a man who talks to Superman in front of a bunch of TVs.
  • Reeve was 26-years-old when he made this movie.


And now something for little Superman fans, or just grown-ups with a super-sweet tooth. They are Superman Cookies from I Heart Baking.

Who is your favourite Superman? I love Reeve! Reeve forever.

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