North By Northwest movie matched with tasty train food

Starring Cary Grant, Eva Marie Saint & James Mason

Rating 7/10

We first meet Ad Exec Roger Thornhill (Grant) as he’s rushing around New York City doing Ad Exec stuff with his assistant. But then the poor fell is kidnapped and taken to a house in the country where he finds out he’s been mistaken for FBI operative George Kaplan.
– He meets a guy who claims to be ‘Townsend’ but is really spy Phillip Vandamm (Mason) who threatens Rog with violence if he doesn’t give Philbo certain information. Roger refuses (cos he has no info to give) and the ‘heavies’ pour a bottle of bourbon down his throat then pop him in a stolen car and try and kill him. But Roger escapes then is arrested for drink driving, stealing a car blah, blah, blah.
– After he tells his woeful tale, he takes detectives to the country house to check it out but things seem different, ‘normal’.
– Rog then tries to track Townsend down at the UN where he finds out Townsend is actually another dude. Then Townsend gets knifed at the UN and Roger gets the blame.
– Thus begins Roger’s quest to find George Kaplan and clear his name. He hops on a train where he meets Eve Kendall (Saint) and they fall in to lust/love. Things get steamy and exciting as the cops board the train but Eve and Roger are too smart and escape.
– But then we find out that Eve actually works for that pesky spy, Vandamm and she sets Roger up saying that she’s spoken to Kaplan. He heads out to the middle of nowhere where he’s chased by a rogue plane (famous scene!!!) and is nearly killed.
– Once again he escapes and busts Eve. Then he follows her to an art auction where he confronts Vandamm and Eve and gets himself arrested to escape the thugs. But when he is handed over to the FBI they recruit him to trap Vandamm, revealing a thrilling twist.
– They all meet at Mount Rushmore where Eve shoots Rog with blanks and runs off. They meet in the forest and say their romantic goodbyes as Eve goes back to Vandamm. But Roger spies on his beloved and finds out that the crooks are planning to get rid of her, so he rescues her and they’re chased over the faces of Mount Rushmore.
– Eve nearly falls down but then… happy ending! Hooray!


When Eve and Roger meet again in the dining car of the train, Roger orders a cocktail to start and so let’s drink what he was drinking… A Gibson from Chow.


Image: Chow

But don’t forget to eat! On the Puffing Billy train, they serve dips and flatbread. Sounds good, aye? I’m not sure what Roger and Eve would have snacked on but I’m going to guess it was something like this… Trio of Dips with Flatbread from Coles.


Image: Coles


Hitchcock is the king of epics and like all good epics, North by Northwest is long. It spans time and space, miles and miles of road and track, different cities and characters that keep you hanging in there even though it makes for a long sit!

Carey Grant is charming as all get out and his talent for comedy even comes out in a quirky way when he plays drunk Roger, which is a bit strange as it’s more of an action movie than a comedy flick. Eva Marie Saint (from Best Picture winning film On The Waterfront ) is sexy and sweet at the same time. She plays a complex character living multiple lives in one. Tricky business.

This movie has heaps of Hichcockian twists, awesome camera angles as usual and tense action scenes. I particularly loved the plane scene especially as you know that it was made without the help of CGI. Go Hitch! The chase scene over Mount Rushmore was pretty good, although not my favourite.

So, should you watch this movie? Yep! It was a long one and I had a few moments of distraction but this is Hitchcock and you don’t stay bored for very long. It’s action-packed, fun, romantic, a bit corny but pretty great. Check it out!

Main meal:

Let’s get back on the train with those crazy lovebirds. The dish that Eve recommended to Roger was Brook Trout and this recipe looks amazing. It’s Lemon Garlic Brook Trout from Spicie Foodie. Delish!

North by Northwest trivia:

  • Budget: $3 million +
  • Apparently Cary Grant charged fans 15 cents per autograph while working on the movie.
  • The day before the scene where Roger hides in Eve’s compartment, Cary Grant complained that the set was badly built to Hitchcock, who agreed and it had to be made all over again.
  • Jessie Royce Landis, who played Roger’s dear mama, was only seven years older than Cary Grant.
  • Cary Grant was paid a whopping $315, 000 on top of his initial $450,000 pay cheque because the filming ran longer than Grant’s contract.
  • Hitchcock was denied permission to film inside the real UN building so he used a hidden camera to film the interior so he could recreate it on a sound stage.
  • Another sneaky UN shot was when Grant walks up the stairs outside the UN building. The camera guy was hiding in a van across the road to take the shot.
  • Did you spot Hitchcock near the start? Apparently he made his cameo appearances at the beginning of his films so it didn’t interfere with the mood of the entire film.


When you’re travelling on a train, you don’t want to be fiddling around with runny custard or wobbly jelly. Oh no, you want something compact and delicious. These Mini Black Forest Cheesecakes from Bakers Royale are just the thing I could imagine eating for dessert on a long train journey. How yummy.

Do you have a favourite Hitchcock leading man? Mine is Jimmy Stewart!

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