E.T the Extra-Terrestrial film paired with 80’s food

Starring Dee Wallace, Henry Thomas & Drew Barrymore

Rating 10/10


– It all begins in a Californian forest where an alien spaceship has landed and a group of weird-looking brown turtle-like aliens are pottering for stuff. One alien gets distracted and gets left behind when his ship takes off in a hurry.
– When 10-year-old Elliot (Thomas) returns from picking up a pizza from the delivery guy he hears a noise in the shed – it’s E.T but when his brother Michael, mum (Wallace) and little sister Gertie (Barrymore) check the shed, there’s nothing there. After this, the poor scared alien runs off into the field where Elliot finds him later on that night.
– Then E.T becomes friends with the young lad and eventually Michael and Gertie. He’s like on of the family, a pet, another brother but then E.T starts ‘talking’ to the kids about wanting to go home. So they dress him up like a ghost on Halloween to sneak him out of the house. And off they fly to the landing spot to call E.T’s family.
– But Elliot wakes up in the morning in a field with no E.T and an upset family. Meanwhile Michael finds E.T dying in a stream and takes him to Elliot who is also seriously ill.
– Then Government agents raid their home looking for E.T and quarantine Elliot and E.T while they battle their common illnesses. Things go from bad to worse for E.T but then the other aliens come back and hope is revived! Phew!


In the eighties, processed food reigned, especially junk food like chips, so today, for E.T and our little buddy, Elliot, we’re cooking our own unprocessed version of good old potato chips. Give these ones a go! Apparently, they are The Best Potato Chips You’ll Ever Have – it’s from A Cup of Jo!


For a creepy science fiction movie, this is lovely. It has heart and warmth and eighties cool stuff – a win-win-win if I ever saw one. The family is dysfunctional but they kinda work. Elliot is a typical kid, full of innocence and optimism. E.T initially freaks him out but he sees through his ‘weirdness’ to his heart and embraces him as one of the family.

Spielberg is truly the master of this genre. He sets up the whole thing so brilliantly with dark, scary scenes that keep you on your toes. He takes us from thinking E.T is scary to the very creepy scenes of humans in space suits which are way scarier than our little alien. Point taken Mr Spielberg, point taken. We are the monsters, the aliens, the cruel ones who seek to kill and destroy anything ‘different’.

 The music at the start is ambient, like a strong wind blowing through creepy trees combined with freaky tones! Brilliant John Williams of Star Wars fame! The characters are great, performances fine but the real star is the alien fella, our E.T. He hardly looks like a puppet or CG or whatever he was. He’s simply adorable.

I love this movie because it takes me back to my childhood. I’m sure I first saw this film in the cinema! How cool would it be to see it on the big screen again. The 80s decor, food, clothing and hairstyles are fun too!

This is a heartwarming, deep, lovely and slightly scary movie – although I’m not sure my kids would cope with it yet. It’s a beautiful classic and I love it!

Main meal:

When Elliot first encounters the adorable E.T, he’s holding a box with meatlover’s pizza inside. So, to celebrate their friendship we’re going to make our own yummy, meaty pizza! Here it is… Meat Lover’s Supreme Pizza recipe from Good Housekeeping.

E.T the Extra-Terrestrial trivia:

  • Budget: $10.5 million
  • When Spielberg was a kid, his parents divorced and so he created an imaginary friend who was an alien.
  • 3 people played E.T: two stunt people who stood 2’10 and a 10-year-old boy born without legs who walked on his hands the scenes where he was in the suit. Pretty amazing!
  • The E.T puppet cost an incredible $1.5 million dollars.
  • Mars wouldn’t let M&Ms be used in the movie because they thought E.T was too ugly, too scary.  Big mistake… huge! Recce’s got the gig instead.
  • The movie was shot in 61 days and storyboards weren’t used, so that performances could be more spontaneous.
  • Williams won the Oscar for Best Original Score for E.T
  • The film was shot from the eye-level of a kid to help the audience relate to Elliot and E.T.
  • E.T’s voice was provided from an old lady who smoked heavily but she was only paid $380 for her work.
  • Barrymore had a horror day on the set, forgetting her lines to the point where Spielberg yelled at her. He then found out she was really sick and gave her a hug and apologised over and over again.
  • E.T is 10 million years old
  • The film was shot in chronological order so that the actors developed a real bond with the little alien.


Remember when E.T hands Elliot some Reece’s pieces as a peace offering and when Elliot drops some to lure E.T or whatever he thinks it is to his home? Well, in the spirit of this movie, we’re cooking up a yummy dessert featuring Reece’s Pieces with Reece’s Tornado Truffles from Tastes of Lizzy T. How good do these look? And super-easy too!

Have your kids seen this movie or is it too freaky?

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