Marnie movie matched with afternoon tea fit for a thief

Starring Tippi Hedren, Sean Connery & Diane Baker

Rating 8/10

Marnie (Hedren) is a beautiful young lady who uses her good looks to swindle unsuspecting male bosses. Her first ‘victim’ in the film is Sidney Strutt (Martin Gabel) a fat cat businessman who hired her on her good teeth and proportioned face despite the fact she had no references. Tut, tut.
– Stutt’s client is super-rich Mark Rutland (Connery) whose family owns/runs a publishing company who witnesses Stutt’s meltdown post-robbery.
– Marnie hits the road with her cash, changes the colour of her hair, visits her beloved horse and goes to visit her mumma, (Louise Latham) and they have a bit of a fight with Marnie accusing her of never loving her. Sob!
– As we get to know Marnie we realise that she’s a tad disturbed. The colour red freaks her out and storms send her crazy-scared.
– Next she unwittingly applies for a job at Rutland’s company and gets it because Mark recognises her and is curious about how she will try and swindle him.
– He kisses her in the middle of a terrifying storm, then she robs him and escapes but he tracks Marnie down and brings her back to town, marries her and they both head off on a honeymoon voyage. This is a disaster as Marnie won’t let her hubby touch her and Rutland gets peeved, saying she should see a shrink because she’s not right in the head!
– Back at the ranch, (literally) Rutland’s ex-sister-in-law, Lil (Baker) starts getting suspicious of Marnie when she overhears the newlyweds talking about Police and jail and such. She’s jealous because she’s smitten with Mark.
– Marnie heads off on a hunting ride on her beloved horse but sees the colour red and freaks out running her horsey-friend into a brick wall. Then she shoots him, takes the gun home and tries to rob her husband but she gets busted. And she can’t make herself steal her own money.
– He takes her to Baltimore to find out the truth behind all her nightmares, at her mum’s house, who reveals the shocking truth behind all her freak outs!

Snack 1:

When Mark and Marnie stop at a diner for a cuppa and a frank chat, they order a cup of coffee and a ‘frank’ which, I’m guessing is a Hot Dog… am I right? I squinted to see what was on their plate but the shot was too quick. Anyway, our first afternoon tea snack to fit in with our crazy lovers is… Pork Hot Dogs with Pickled Green Papaya from Gourmet Traveller. Looks amazing.


As with most Hitchcock movies, this one is looooonnnng. But, to his credit, I was only temporarily bored. It’s as if the moment you get comfortable with the rhythm of the film, something freaky happens, some kind of clue to what really happened to poor Marnie.

Hedren did a pretty good acting job! There were only a few moments of over-the-top melodrama but that could have been the genre, the era that encouraged that kind of stylised acting. Connery is handsome and cool as usual as Mark. Music was sparse; only used in super-dramatic moments but mostly ambient sounds were used which I think is more effective than the modern style of music-music-music in every scene, for every possible emotion.

Hitchcock was truly the king of thrillers and of directing, really. His style was unique for the time. I love the opening scene with the close up on the handbag that holds all the money. I love the scene at the ranch where he tilts the camera diagonally and ever so briefly so you can see the horse arriving and two curtains moving at the same time. I love his use of silhouette – very creepy. There was only one scene that was kinda lame but the rest was storytelling at its best! Go Hitch! Yep, I love the guy, so get ready to be drowned in these movies. I love ’em.

Snack 2:

Picture yourself as Marnie. She’s dragged to Mark’s OTT homestead to meet his dad! Out of the blue! What was he thinking but as it happens Mr Rutland Snr is a nice fella with an appetite for cakes like this one… Butter Cake with Orange Icing from . How refined!

Marnie trivia:

  • Budget – $3 million! Bargain!!!
  • Hitchcock wanted Grace Kelly to play Marnie but she had just married her prince and the people of Monaco weren’t keen on her playing a deranged kinda lady thief.
  • The role of Marnie was hotly contested in Hollywood but it went to one of Hitch’s favourites who had starred in his other blockbuster, The Birds.
  • Connery shocked Hollywood by daring to ask to see a Hitchcock script before committing but he did this because he didn’t want to play yet another spy!
  • For the scene when Lil is eavesdropping on the newlyweds, Baker said that Hitchcock physically manipulated her face so she had the right expression.
  • Hedren and Hitchcock’s friendship was pretty much over at the end of this film. I wonder why? Hmmm.
  • In the horse riding scenes, horses were attached to a huge treadmill, which was a first! The crew thought it would be kinda dangerous (derrr) but it ended up working! Poor horses.
  • My fave scene (the first) was the last to be filmed.
  • Marnie’s mum, played by Louise Latham was only eight years older than Tippi.
  • Paul Newman turned down the role of Mark Rutland.
  • Hitchcock’s famous cameo appearance is in the first five minutes of the movie. Did you spot him?


The first we see of Marnie’s mum, she’s cooking up a pie for the next door neighbour’s little girl who Marnie despises. She’s jealous of course! But I can’t help thinking about that pie. It would make a perfect snack to eat while wading through mystery, suspense and many, many minutes of this movie. So here it is, a lovely Pecan Pie recipe from .

What’s your favourite Hitchcock movie? So hard to choose!

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