Amélie film paired with incredible French recipes

Starring Audrey Tatou, Mattieu Kassovitz & Serge Merlin

Rating 10/10


– Gorgeous Parisian Amélie Poulain had a strange childhood. Her doctor father was convinced she had a heart condition because her heart raced any time he came near her, simply because she was excited to see him.
– Flashforward to young lady Amélie who has become a strange loner-type working at the local cafe as a waitress. She has few friends – she’s super-shy and copes with her loneliness by developing an awesome imagination.
– One fateful day she discovers a small box hidden away in her bathroom. It’s full of little tin toys that a small boy must have popped behind a tile for later. She decides there and then that if she can find the owner of this box, she will make it her life’s goal to help everyone around her.
– She eventually tracks him down and his life (and hers) change for good. She helps a blind man ‘see’ by describing his surroundings in detail, she helps the local green grocer who is a little ‘simple’ by taking revenge on his horrible brother! She brings joy to her father’s life by getting her flight attendant friend to take her dad’s garden gnome around the world, sending him postcards pretending that it’s the gnome on his own. Awww.
– Amélie helps heal her landlady’s broken heart, she sets one of her co-workers up with a guy (with disastrous results) and then finds a mysterious pic in a photo booth and decides to track down this fella and slowly but surely falls in love with him.
– Meanwhile her neighbour, a fellow recluse, watches what she’s up to and challenges her to actually make herself happy instead of just focussing on everyone else. And she does!


You may have noticed that I love French food and  there are a few French menus for you to choose from if you love it to! So let’s go all French again with this yummy set of recipes starting with Pancakes with Ham, Mushrooms and Bechamel from El Pais. It’s in French but easily translated. Dig in!!


Image: El Pais


This movie is in my top three movies of all time! I love it. It’s almost a perfect movie. Yes, it’s in French but after a few seconds you won’t care. It’s quirky, full of heart, justice, love and relationships. Amélie is a super-kind, lovely, sweet, smart gal. I love the little missions she sets up for herself, especially the one where she takes revenge on the awful green grocer.

I loved Mr. Dufayel her neighbour who is also full of wisdom, insight and grace. Such a lovely man looking out for our Amélie. Another fave scene is at the church where Nino follows her arrows and tries to track her down. Romance alert! The music is French through and through – it will make you feel like you’re walking the streets of Paris, sipping on a cafe o lait and chewing on a freshly baked baguette.

This movie is so unique. It seems to have a greenish filter on it the whole time which adds to the wonder of it all. The characters, the story, the heart, the everything! I love it all. Check it out why don’t you?

Main meal:

Have you cooked duck much? The French love this tasty little bird so if you’re game (pardon the pun) give this lovely recipe a whirl… Duck Legs Braised in Pinot Noir from

Amélie trivia:

  • Budget – $10 million (money well spent)
  • Amélie and Nino don’t say a word to each other (except on the phone)
  • Emily Watson was going to play the part but couldn’t speak French so I guess it’s a bit weird she went for the role in a FRENCH film!!!!
  • If you look closely each location is super-clean! This was so it looked like a fantasy world
  • The director had been collecting little stories that eventually appeared in this film since 1974
  • Green, yellow and red are the main colours used in this film which is inspired by Brazillian artist, Juarez Machado


So many to choose from! Let’s go crispy, sweet and delicious with this authentic French recipe, so authentic it is in French! So translate away and make these yummy French Crullers from Uno De Dos.


Image: Uno De Dos

What’s your favourite film of ALL time?

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