The Internship film paired with top Googled recipes

Starring Vince Vaughn, Owen Wilson & Rose Byrne

Rating 7/10


– Best buds, Nick (Wilson) and Billy (Vaughn) are top salesmen dudes but get fired after their boss (John Goodman) goes broke. Down and out, Billy stumbles on an internship at Google so he sign them up to an online University and they get interviewed over the ‘net by Google peeps.
– Miraculously they are accepted into the program and enter the awesome world of bikes, brightly coloured everything and free food at Google headquarters in California. They find out that only one group of interns will be offered a job at the end of Summer but the problem is that no one wants to be on their team, because they’re dinosaurs with really no knowledge of Google-y stuff.
-Nick gets all flirty with Aussie Google girl, Dana who is married to her job, not interested in the floppy-haired dude and always running late for a meeting.
– The fellas’ final group consists of other rejects: Stuart who hates the world and is obsessed with his iPhone, Yo-Yo a homeschooled fella under his mother’s iron thumb, a girl who claims to be involved in some raunchy nerdy stuff and their fearless, super-young leader who actually works at Google, Lyle.
– Meanwhile a competitive English jerk, Graham starts bullying Nick and Billy and the rest of the group, mocking them and saying how he’ll take them DOWN!
– After a few failures the gang find their feet in a weird game of Muggle Quidditch they come together, bond and become truly a team! Yay.
– In a challenge to design an app, Nick and Billy take the gang out to have some fun, blow off some steam – they end up at a strip joint where Lyle runs into the love of his life (one of the dancers) and Yo-Yo gets crazy after experiencing alcohol for the first time.
– There’s a scene where they stare at the Golden Gate Bridge and get inspired to make an app which wins the challenge, then Billy stuffs up the next one and the last is life and death, success and failure – do they make it or does Graham win? Find out…


Apparently one of the most popular recipe searches on Google is Tzakziki! Surprised? Me too! But I love the stuff so let’s make a batch with this recipe: Toasted Spiced Flatbread with Yogurt Tzakziki Dip from President’s Choice.


This movie can best be described as fluff. Friday night fluff movie, one that you can just sit back, relax and enjoy a little giggle. This is no Oscar contender; it’s not seriously funny but very entertaining, although I must say, Owen Wilson’s same-same acting is wearing on me a bit. I used to love him, but every character he plays just seems like the last. Same with Vaughn, although I actually liked this performance a lot more than his past movies – I can imagine he is actually a lot like Billy. It was lovely to hear Rose Byrne’s actual Aussie accent (bit proud) – she did a good job too, but really it wasn’t the most complicated of characters.

The best part of this film was getting a feel for what it would be like to work for Google! Me-want-job-there! Free food? Yes please. Sleep pods? Oh my goodness, sign me up. Bikes with cute baskets? Oh yes! But it did seem a bit too easy to get an internship, let alone a job – I’m sure it’s not that simple.

The characters were cool and the script funny at times, but as I said, it’s fluff and fluff is soft, comfortable and gets up your nose a bit. Enjoy!

Main meal:

The world’s most popular main according to Google is Pork Tenderloins – go figure! So, here are Best 5 Pork Tenderloin Recipes from Food Network.

The Internship trivia:

  • Budget – $58 million (seriously?!)
  • The film was shot in the actual Google headquarters for five days but the rest was shot at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta.
  • Although looks like it, this movie is not actually a really long ad for Google – they didn’t pay for it but they did regain control on how they were depicted.
  • 100 real Google employees were used as extras – can you pick them?
  • Google co-founder Sergey Brin appears on a bicycle when the boys arrive at Google and the fella who (SPOILER ALERT) congratulates Nick and Billy at the end.
  • Director, Shawn Levy, plays the guy who is annoyed with Nick and Dana when they are talking in the sleep pod section.


And finally, the dessert that most people want to cook is… Pumpkin Pie! Yumsie. So make this delicious Black-bottom Maple Pumpkin Pie recipe from Simple Bites.

What was the last recipe you Googled?

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