Beaches movie and a brunch to share with friends

Starring Bette Midler, Barbara Hershey & John Heard



– Famous singer, C.C Bloom (Midler) is rehearsing for her famous concert in a famous place in L.A when she gets a phone call and abandons her concert.
– Flashback to 1958 where the child version of C.C (Mayim Bialik) is hiding under the Altantic City boardwalk smoking -crazy gal! She meets another kid, a rich gal called Hillary (Marcie Leeds) who is lost and they become BFFs as they take photos together, raid the hotel restaurant, get kicked out then write loads of letters to each other.
– Their lives head in totally different directions as C.C’s star rises and Hillary becomes a human rights lawyer. She then moves in with C.C with disastrous results not just for their crazy hair but for their love life. C.C is in love with her director, John who is in love with Hillary. Drama, drama, drama!
– They fight and stop talking to each other and then they make up as girls seem to do – fight, make up, fight, make up…
– Hillary moves back home to care for her dying dad and meets a handsome, rich lawyer whom she marries and then gets pregnant.
– Meanwhile, C.C and John get married, then divorced and C.C’s career takes a nosedive and all hell breaks loose.
– Hillary catches horrible cheating hubby with another woman and realises she’ll have to raise her little girl as a single mum and C.C offers to help out. Hil has a girl, Victoria and C.C flirts with the doctor, eventually getting engaged to him, then breaking it off. Drama, drama, drama!
– When Victoria is about six-years-old, Hillary collapses at work and they find out she has a terminal disease… sob! Get out your tissues.

Dish #1:

There’s breakfast, lunch and dinner which are ho hum meals – anyone can eat them but brunch – shiver me timbers – brunch is special; a meal you love to share with your girlfriends, right? To celebrate friendship with its ups and downs we’re cooking a yummy brunch starting with Eggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon from Marks and Spencer.


This movie is one of my all-time favourites. I watched it as a teenager in the 80s with my best girl friends over and over and over again. It’s sad but awesome, kinda real. You live through the best times of friendship and the absolute worst and at the end C.C and Hillary still have such a strong friendship and that’s powerful – forgiveness, love and all that stuff.

Bette Midler is fab with her voice, her songs and her acting – yup the lady can act both comedy and drama. I kinda love her shrill speaking voice and her brashness which is beautifully contrasted with Hershey’s sweet, gentle portrayal of Hil. The music is fantastic, moving and rich and the storyline is intriguing and heartbreaking.

I really can’t fault this movie, yes it’s a little bit Hollywood and some may say a bit mushy but I love mushy, gushy. I love getting involved in the broken lives of these characters, so much so that I have read the book a few times too!

Check it out with a HUGE box of tissues!

Dish #2:

Yet another yummy brunch recipe and this one is healthy-ish. Bonus! Make these Lemon-Cran Scones from for your buddies!



Beaches trivia:

  • Budget – $20 million
  • 40-year-old Hershey had lip injections to make herself look younger for scenes where Hillary is at college. Talk about dedication.
  • It wasn’t Bialik singing on camera because Bette wanted a kid’s voice that sounded like her when she was young so they used someone else.
  • Viral Cardiomyopathy is actually fatal in most cases. 😦
  • A tele movie sequel was planned but never made.

Dish #3:

You can’t have a brunch without some kind of pancake-y dish but a pile of pancakes can fill your stomach up way too quickly so let’s go with crepes… Raspberry and Ricotta Crepes from Fabulish Living.

And wash it all down with some refreshing Iced Tea from Stone Gable. How delish does this look?

Have you seen this tear-jerker or do avoid sad movies?

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