Top 10 kids’ movies matched with favourite food

If you are a parent or grandparent, childcare worker or just a fan of family movies, you would have watched your fair share of kiddie flicks – you may be OVER paying umpteen dollars at the cinema to please your little ones but you do it out of love. Most kids movies are a bit lame but there are a bunch that adults and children alike love to watch again and again. I’m a huge fan of this genre (for the most part – not counting those annoying Spy Kids movies) so it was a bit tricky to pick my top 10.

So, with a little help from a couple of mini-mes, here are my top 10 children’s/family movies:

1. Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events 

After watching this amazing movie, I read all 13 books and absolutely loved them all! It is a dark-ish movie, so if your kids are a bit sensitive you might want to pass on this one but it is so well made, Count Olaf is horribly awesome as the villain and the three Baudelaire orphans are smart, loyal and strong! The production is incredible – a story very well told. Check it out!

2. The Adventures of Tintin 

Our household is addicted to Tintin and all his crazy adventures with his little white dog and drunken captain friend (and a bunch of other weird but wonderful characters). This movie did not disappoint and that’s saying something because we had very high expectations. The chase scenes are amazing, the humour, delicious and the animation is incredible! Loved it so so much. Have you seen it?

Entree 1:

What kid doesn’t love chippies (or crisps!) – none I tells ya! So let’s make our own corn crisps with these yummy Homemade Torilla Chips from Williams-Sonoma.

3. Fantastic Mr Fox

Another favourite in our house is Roald Dahl – any Roald Dahl but I’ve got to say that we never really got into this book but this is one smart, fun, fast-paced movie with very smooth stop-motion animation, brilliant humour, characters and storyline (of course!) This is one movie that will please both kids and adults which is why I’ve popped it into the number three spottage!

4. E.T the Extra-Terrestrial

Now I must admit that my kids aren’t at the E.T appropriate age – it’s a bit spooky for them but I absolutely love this movie. It’s eighties for starts, it’s Spielberg and it’s sad, sweet and out of this world… literally. The little alien creature is super-cute, lovable as is five-year-old Drew Barrymore – awww. It’s always better than I remember it so it must be simply awesome. Here’s my review with yummy food – E.T the Extra-Terrestrial film paired with 80’s food.

Entree 2:

Two entrees, yes ideedy! That’s what being a kid is all about – lots of choice, loads of yummy food, especially when you’re watching your favourite movie. So here’s another popular kids’ snack… Colorific Caramel Popcorn from Tablespoon.


Image: Tablespoon

5. Return of the Jedi

This movie is Star Wars with teddy bears and an ending, and reconciliation between evil father and hero son. Lightsabres, princesses, really dodgy baddies in white suits who couldn’t kill a goodie to save themselves and good vs evil – you know it – you’ve seen it, haven’t you? It’s my favourite Star Wars movie so it had to be on the list!

6. Horton Hears a Who

Sweet, sweet movie about valuing the littlest people in society even those who live on a speck on a flower. Lovely Horton is a huge elephant who discovers the world of Whos who live on a tiny piece of dust on a beautiful pink flower. He is the only one who speaks up for them, putting his life on the line to save their world. Pretty fantastic, really.

Main meal 1:

And the fun continues with some very naughty-but-yummy lunchy, dinner-y food children will love! So, for starters in the mains department, make these cool Hawaiian Pizza Pops from

7. Cinderella (1950)

This lovely film was one of the first animated feature films ever! It’s still as beautiful today as it was way back then. It’s a little sappy but a classic with the dressing of Cinderella with the birds and the sweet singing and the handsome prince and the shoe. The ugly stepsisters and stepmum are horrible and the animals are kinda the stars of this oldie-worldy film.

8. Princess Bride

“As you wiiiiisssshhhh” Don’t be put off by the title, this is no girly movie – it’s perfect for both boys and girls, men and women – full of humour, love, fight scenes, torture and magic. The characters are lovable and timeless – you will love them forever! This is a cult classic of a movie – everyone will love hunkering down and watching this good ‘un!

Main meal 2: 

Now, if the pizza pops don’t fill up those little tummies, try this all-time fave kids’ dinner time munch-a-thon, NUGGETS! Try this Gluten-free Favourite Chicken Nuggets recipe from Betty Crocker.

9. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

This may be a controversial addition but I prefer the most recent version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (don’t hit me!) I just love Johnny Depp and Tim Burton – the creativity, the one-liners, the music by Danny Elfman. It’s a risky thing remaking a classic story/film but they did a brilliant job. Read my full review with matching food here…

Dessert 1:

Nothing screams KIDS AND MOVIES like choc tops! And these look absolutely amazing! I’ve gotta try them. They are Mini Snickers choc tops from

10. How to Train Your Dragon

Oh how I love this movie – it’s funny and sweet and there’s an underdog, a boy whose father doesn’t understand him, a boy who has always felt like a failure… until now. He shoots down a really hard dragon to shoot down (good one) and befriends it, makes it his pet, then has to convince his fellow Viking townsfolks that the dragon ain’t bad, but cute, snuggly and a pal.

Dessert 2:

And to finish off with a bit of an impressive flurry… Homemade maltesers (take a bow) from The Biscuiterie! These are my favourite choccy snack. Must try this one… for the kids of course!

Name your top 5 favourite kids/family movie! It’s harder than you think.

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