High Fidelity movie paired with recipes from Rock Stars


Image: Epicurious

Starring John Cusack, Jack Black & Tim Robbins

Rating 6/10


– Poor old Rob Gordon (Cusack) is as unlucky in love as he is in business. His super-cool record shop is going down the gurgler as his hardworking girlfriend, Laura (Iben Hjejle) walks out the door; another girlfriend lost.
– He sits around in his depressing apartment wondering why the women in his life always end up leaving him, why he can’t settle down with a love of his life.
– Then he lists his top 5 girlfriends and why it didn’t work with them. He mopes through his days, reminiscing about the good ole days and then the bad old days while his all music-knowlegable employees, Dick (Todd Louiso) and Barry (Black) try and keep him out of the sads-ville.
– He decides to track down every girl that broke his heart from his first teenage love to Laura and has amazing (and kinda selfish) revelations about his life so far.
– Then Laura’s dad dies and he goes to the funeral and everything is patched up and Rob stops feeling sorry for himself, pulls up his business socks and gets his record shop rocking once again!


For the food portion of the post I’ve nabbed some amazing recipes from rock stars old and kinda new. Our entree is Quincy Jones’ Thriller Ribs recipe from Recipe Goldmine. Make them, eat them and enjoy!


Image: Epicurious


This is a cult classic of a movie and even though it’s cool and Cusack is kinda great and Jack Black is … well, Jack Black, I was a bit disappointed. If you’re in a sad old mood you might appreciate some company with main character Rob. His sad eyes reveal a painful life of girlfriends past but really, he brought most of it on himself. He’s a bit of a douche bag so, I really had no sympathy for him. You treat a girl bad, you get dumped… it’s not rocket science. Yep, it’s a bit depressing.

Having said all that the music is great, although I’m not sure true rock dudes would listen to such tame songs, but being a pop girl, I loved their nostalgic value. Ah, the good old days when music was boppy, sweet and soulful – don’t get me started about today’s tunes! Disgraceful.

This is a watchable movie, a bit of depressing fluff. I didn’t rate it but you might enjoy it and millions would disagree with me, so check it out and watch it for yourself – let me know what you think.

Main meal:

Bruce Springsteen (who features in this movie) apparently LOVES burgers and his according to the ‘net, The Boss’ burger of choice is Johnny Rockets. So here’s a pretty authentic Johnny Rockets burger recipe from 1001 Recipes.


Image: PETA

High Fidelity trivia:

  • Budget: $30, 000,000
  • The role of Barry was written for Jack Black who almost turned it down.
  • Rob is named after a musician from the 1970s.
  • The store, Vintage Vinyl, is actually a real record store in Cusack’s home town.
  • Rob wears a  Waxi Trax t-shirt and the store that the film was shot in was once a Waxi Trax Record store. Wow!
  • This is  John and Joan Cusack’s eighth movie together (if you didn’t know, they are brother and sister).
  • For all you music nerds out there check out IMDB here for more trivia! It all goes over my non-music-addicted head.


For dessert, we’re going with a classic… rock star and his all-time favourite sweet. It’s BB King’s German Chocolate Cake recipe from Recipe Goldmine.


Image: My Recipes

Who is your favourite rock star?

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