Silver Linings Playbook movie paired with homey food

Starring Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence & Robert De Niro

Rating 10/10

– Crazy Pat Solitano (Cooper) has been signed out of a mental institution by his mumma, Dolores (Jackie Weaver), after having a mental breakdown when he caught his wife, Nikki fooling around in the shower with another man.
– Pat comes home to find his dad, Pat Snr (De Niro), out of work and operating as bookmaker so he can save up enough money to start his own restaurant.
– Crazy Pat meets with his therapist, Dr Patel to work out his twisted brain and come to terms with his marriage breakdown.
– When he goes to an old mate’s house for dinner, the just-as-mental sister-in-law, Tiffany (Lawrence) shows up and gives Pat a run for his money. She’s in mourning for her hubby who died in a car crash and has gone all goth and works out her grief sleeping with as many people as she can.
– They soon strike up an oddly awesome friendship with screaming fights, loads of running and, in the end a very special dance.


This movie is all about family and coping with the stresses life throws at you with an optimistic attitude so I thought we’d pair this film with homey food from Dolores herself (for the most part). Home is truly where the heart is and if the heart is sore then it needs comforting food. Dolores made Crabby snacks and Homemades and that is what we’re serving for entree. Check them out…

Crabby snacks from Eatori


Image: Eatori

Homemades recipe from Face Final.


Image: Face Final


This is a brilliant movie with incredible performances and a perfect script. I loved the craziness of Pat, his turns and the depth that Cooper brought to this mental dude. He was funny in a odd kind of way, innocent, angry (with good reason) and out of control. I loved his honesty – the kind you get from kids – it was refreshing to see Bradley Cooper in an intelligent film with depth for once.

Jennifer Lawrence was equally awesome – it’s hard to believe she’s actually 15 years younger than Cooper because she held her own in the performances and there was so much chemistry between them. She was twisted, he was twisted and it just worked.

The music in the movie beautifully reflected the oddness of its characters and town, not just the two main crazies but everyone was a bit mad – the mum, the dad, the family! CRAZY! If you’ve embraced your odd side, if you feel a tad off centre sometimes, you will GET this movie – if you’re not in touch with your deep side you may think it’s just weird.

This is a keeper for sure – it’s watchable, beautiful, painful and a must-see. Have you seen it?

Main meal:

Another homey dish, Dolores loved to serve on game day was Beef Braciole or Italian Beef Rolls recipe from . I’ve never heard of this one. I’ll have to give it a go.

Silver Linings Playbook trivia:

  • Mark Wahlberg was first cast as Pat but then Bradley Cooper was given the gig. Great choice!
  • The games featured in the movie are real games that were played in 2008.
  • According to Lawrence, Cooper was a natural when it came to the dancing scenes, but she struggled and had to practice so she appeared to be professional in the film.
  • Director and writer, David O. Russell had Zooey Deschanel in mind for Tiffany when he was writing the script.
  • Jennifer Lawrence was told to beef up for the role of Tiffany.
  • Luckily, Anne Hathaway dropped out of the film, leaving the part of Tiffany to a very lucky Jennifer Lawrence who went on to win the Oscar for Best Actress. Hip, hip, hooray!
  • Lawrence was most impressed with Aussie actress, Jacki Weaver who played Pat’s mum, because she was a big fan of Animal Kingdom.
  • Silver Linings Playbook novelist, Matthew Quick’s mum used to make him Crabby snacks and homemades which is where the reference comes from – it’s not a traditional Philadelphian snack/s.
  • Was nominated for Oscars Best Picture, Best Actor (Bradley Cooper), Best Actress (Jennifer Lawrence), Best Supporting Actor (Robert De Niro), Best Supporting Actress (Jacki Weaver), Best Director/ Best Adapted Screenplay (David O. Russell), Best Film Editing. Phew! What a list.


Now, sweets were hard to find in this movie and I’m not sure if this is the correct recipe but the name is the same. At the dinner that Pat went to at his friend, Ronnie’s house, his wife, Veronica mentions that she’s made a Fire and Ice cake (from No Recipes). Give it a go!


Image: No Recipes

Are you a fan of this movie or was a bit too crazy for you?

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