Hitchcock film paired with delish psycho dishes


Image: Epicurious

Starring Anthony Hopkins, Helen Mirren & Scarlett Johansson

Rating 7/10


– The film begins with the opening night of Hitchcock’s latest hit, North By Northwest. When a journalist challenges him about being to old, suggesting that he hang up his merry little director’s hat, Hitch gets a bit blue and decides to do something daring, something he would have undertaken in his younger years, Psycho.
But everyone, including his wife Alma, thinks that he’s as crazy as the film but Hitch persists and his better half starts warming to the idea but the studio rejects it until Alfy comes to them with a proposal they can’t resist.
– At the same time, Hitch is stalked by visions of serial killer, Ed Gein, whose horrific crimes formed the basis for the movie.
– Work starts on the film and in walks blonde bombshell, Janet Leigh, who Hitch starts getting quite fond of, as he did with all his leading ladies and his Mrs is not happy.
– Although Alma is supportive of the new movie (even going so far to mortgage the house to fund the film) she starts working on a script with ‘friend’, Whitfield Cook, who takes her to his secret beach house to write.
– Then Alfred collapses from exhaustion and Alma takes over the reigns for a while and does a mighty fine job but on the first screening, everyone hates the movie. Hitch, then realises he needs Alma to work on it with him in the editing suite and then it gets GOOD!


Our first crazy recipe simply screams “PSYCHO MOVIE!!!!” (can you hear it?). It’s something I’m definitely going to make, it sounds spicy and cheesy and delish. Here it is… Parmesan and Black Pepper Popcorn from Taste Williams-Sonoma. YUM!


I love Alfred Hitchcock movies when I was growing up with his thick neck and protuding belly. I love the guy. His movies were cutting edge with weird angles and super-freaky storylines.. eeek! Hitchcock is a fascinating (and apparently pretty true-to-life) story of Alfred Hitchcock in the twilight of his life and career. I had no idea his wife had so much input into his movies but I knew he had a huge soft spot (in a strange way) for his leading ladies. Oh behave.

Anyhoo this is a good movie with an incredible performance from Anthony Hopkins, although I wasn’t too fussed with Scarlett Johansson – she was a tad plastic as usual. The story drove the movie but it’s not one of my favourites – there was nothing outstanding or amazing about it  but the film was intriguing – a perfect movie for a Friday night with a bit of strange tucker. Check out the trailer below…

Main meal: 

How crazy can you get? This crazy, I tells ya. I have never eaten purple food as a main dish before – it makes me think of the food fight scene in Hook! But let’s just go a tad psycho with two dishes that you can eat like a crazy person while watching Hitchcock. Starting with this very colourful Mashed Purple Sweet Potatoes recipe from Spoon Fork Bacon. Eeeek.

Then continuing on in the purple theme, make this weird but tasty-looking pizza – Blackberry Fennel Pizza from Scaling Back Blog.

Hitchcock Trivia: 

  • When he was a kid, Anthony Hopkins actually met Alfred Hitchcock in a restaurant.
  • Real life murderer, Gein inspired the baddie in Psycho and Buffalo Bill in Silence of the Lambs
  • The movies was shot in only 36 days – talk about a hectic schedule.
  • Anthony Hopkins desperately wanted to play Alfred Hitchcock and a great job he did too!
  • In real life, Helen Mirren is married to a film director – just like Alma.
  • Oliver Platt, Bill Murray and, oddly, Johnny Depp were considered for the role of Alfred Hitchcock.


Now if we were really psycho we’d eat two desserts wouldn’t we? Well, we are and we shall. First there’s the interesting blend of flavours in this recipe: Maple-Bacon Marshmallows from Epicurious. Love it!


Image: Epicurious

And sweetie number two is… Lemon Balm Yoghurt Donuts with Blackberry Glaze from Heather Cristo. Looks mouth-wateringly delish! Oh my!

Have you cooked even crazier recipes? Do share…

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