The Karate Kid film paired with Chinese food by a 9-yr-old

By guest blogger – Nine-year-old, Samuel

Starring Jaden Smith, Jackie Chan & Taraji P. Henson

Rating 8/10

What’s it about?

– There’s a boy called Dre Parker who moves to China from Detroit in America. There are some bullies who fight him but a maintenance man, Mr Han (Jackie Chan), saves him and teaches him Kung Fu so he can fight in the tournament.
– He practices in some very weird ways like hanging his jacket up then taking it off, then putting it on, then dropping it on the floor, then hanging it up and so on. One time he practices on the Great Wall of China.
– He meets a friend at school who plays the violin but her mum and dad say “You can’t be friends” because he’s bad in her life.
– When he goes to the tournament he has great success.


Chinese Spring Rolls with Chicken recipe from Steamy Kitchen.

What I thought…

The movie was action-packed! I liked the Kung Fu scene when Mr Han fights all the chinese bullies because they have messed up his whole life in China so far and they are not very good compared to Mr Han. A really funny bit is when Mr Han ties three boys together by one of the boys’ jackets. I love comedy.

The other good bit is when Dre is at the Kung Fu tournament and he nearly loses but Mr Han puts a special ancient Chinese healing thing on his leg and he comes back out and keeps fighting.

I didn’t like the arguments with the mum and the son and they went, argue, argue, argue. The mum kept on telling him to pick up his jacket. One time he picked up his jacket a million times for training and his mum said, “Dre pick up your jacket”.

It was a pretty good film, way better than the old one.

Main meal:

Chinese Noodle Recipe with Chicken, Bok Choy & Hoisin Sauce from Cookin’ Canuck.

The Karate Kid Trivia:

  • Budget – $40 million
  • Although the movie is called The Karate Kid the movie is actually all about Kung Fu but ‘The Kung Fu’ kid just sounds ridiculous doesn’t it?
  • At the start, the markings on the wall use Jaden Smith’s actual birth date.
  • Jackie Chan actually thought of the jacket routine to teach Dre about the discipline needed for Kung Fu. Go Jackie!
  • Some bullying scenes and the kissing scene was removed when it was screen in mainland China.


Avocado Ice Cream recipe from Kaleidoscope.

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